New York embraces new musical about coming together after the Sept. 11 attacks

ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks to the writers of "Come From Away," which received seven Tony nominations.
7:45 | 05/31/17

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Transcript for New York embraces new musical about coming together after the Sept. 11 attacks
He did mention New York you when you first came here. When your producer said that that was a bit of a wild card was how Americans. Would react to that story why why was that a wild card I was there uncertainty there. Mean our producers talked about this poll. You know when they. It's the title that no one to remember. It's an ensemble show with with no you know huge stars. And it's also. Notes that against the drop. You know it's it's we called nine because it's it's not about what happened here it's about house. The small town responded that. This page list of this briefing state clearly with a slam dunk for immunity or apparent. It what's been amazing thing I'm seeing audiences recognized that this it is. That. Directly affected nine elevenths and New Yorkers who were here at the time we knew we really wanted to beat the State's case and I'm that's what happened areas. This extraordinary story. And it's it's heartbreaking and it's funny and end its like the firm. And it's an additional memory what happened today and so many people that testament to. Lost. It feels like it like this he's clearly. And this has. This joyous story about people coming together. The world and Lilly said that's it's an additional memory because one of the criticisms honesty and that you know it's about what happened after eleven is there sunny. It's it's a very positive it's very affirming is that a fair criticism. I am I think that the people who have seen the show who have been directly affected. They are are grateful for that than they are. They becomes social again and again I eat there is a woman from the pentagon memorial was a docent bears lost a sister that day. And had she been on her desk she wouldn't be here either. And we are out in gander. At a dinner just before going to add to that all of the about the to have for the weekend for the people that had come you know are cast and crew and not comfortable with I had turned out at the thinner and there are there's caffeine there she is Animal Planet what are you doing here like like that but she wanted to be there. But she wanted to come to gander. To meet people for herself. To support the show and we have had stories like that over and over and over again where people look directly lost someone. Are such that such huge supporters of the show and they just. They just they like it we want this to honor of people that would last week we want this to be. I memory out that there is actually good out there that while there was this horrible horrible atrocities being committed against you know our fellow human beings there were. You know people out there that we're saying now we don't have to be like that's like let's let's take care what and other. And that that is the overwhelming response that we yet. It's like time and again we. People he talked about this mr. Rodgers quote where his mother used to tell. Him that when he sees something scary on TV that he should always look for the helpers there's always people helping. And there's always more people helping than there are committing this and what we try to do with the show is focused on. Deep kindness that happened in response and it feels. Like it's become more and more resonant and more and more relevant now because it. It happens every day there's that he knew the something horrible and you news Peter horrible on the news is that that you see and and in the background that what we're not focusing on is he vast majority of people who want to overcome those who want to help who want to. Come together for a regardless of this and that's who we're trying to. Mind to that point in eight years working on this collecting stories and putting together but it is incredibly timely. Right now knowing some people first heard about it here like integrator people. In and that if this is about traveled with about the loss of right and quick yeah. I here musical. But look we're at a point in our country's. History we're talking about who we are and what is our responsibility. Weather and are we need should be be welcoming people in need and vulnerable situation and they're all. Oh. Very heated conversations going on right now there's something in. You hope you are story address. He I mean I think. You know when we're in Washington DC we had this amazing opening night at this bipartisan night with people from both sides of the aisle there. And there's something about this story. Out. About a small town. Welcoming strangers about. Coming together regardless of race or religion or differences about just being kind to one another that. Everyone celebrated and that somehow brought us together and you know in a time when. When the people's dander have had every reason to be afraid had every reason to. To worry about who they were bringing off its plan. Story going to say no this is the government's job under the just stay back here right it's not my responsibility. They step or and they and it's. I'm can overcome this and and what was amazing is it was it was not only kind it was not only generous but it was actually Smart and his courageous and and you know experience it made them they made them thousands of friendships that have. It off time and again people have been welcomed here to new York and and and continued his lifelong friendships that have if anything gotten stronger we see it every day they come to the show and they hold hands and anything along and it's. It's. If it's an amazing testament to. The the fact we have more in common and thinly. Different. It's clearly resonating not just with the many thousands of people who have seen it but we've critics alike. That in Tony nominations you guys are now rumored to be a front runner. Or musical along with here haven't hand and it can you profit outlook that eat like. If you were to win. How my gosh. I'm in it we we just feel like removing an entry into skiing around the people that were around 45 street you know we've. We've reached out to news you know the writers and do your hands and and it was a great comic for the funeral director for comments I was just like you I need to talk to. I'm Ed and they are just such magical people all of them you know it's almost like. The greatest high school year you could ever have you know what I mean and fifth you know. If this incredible theater season right now and and it feels like it's you know were all. Do is that this is great theater that we would be so excited to be here regardless of whether or show is here and were really honored to be part of and if you think it's a celebration. Theater in general and power to tell. Amazing true stories and new musicals. If as a celebration of our entire team that works so hard. Are amazing director Chris Ashley and Kelly by a choreographer. You know. Doing what you do with our twelve actors on stage every night. I mean if you base which accents and diamonds which characters on a dime they switched you know locations just using twelve chairs if this. It's incredible magic act that we never get tired. Watching them until it's the joy Jews celebrate them and see them celebrated in this in this community. Well David Heinz Kerry think congratulations. On your much asserts success and that's listed ahead of the Tonys we're keeping our fingers crossed and Thanksgiving here. And thanks you for watching it's over number you can always go to for more on all these stories thanks for watching I'll be back here stand for now I'm on the Nevada.

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{"duration":"7:45","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz talks to the writers of \"Come From Away,\" which received seven Tony nominations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"47746451","title":"New York embraces new musical about coming together after the Sept. 11 attacks","url":"/Entertainment/video/york-embraces-musical-coming-sept-11-attacks-47746451"}