New York Latino Film Festival

Director and actor Eddie Mujica and director Diana Peralta stop by ABC News Live to chat about their feature films.
7:54 | 08/17/19

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Transcript for New York Latino Film Festival
Hey guys you're watching ABC news live I'm Kimberly Brooks and I want to tell you about something. Really special if you didn't know this week was the sixteenth annual New York Latino film festival presented by HBO. It's the premiere internationally recognized event for Latino cinema in this country there's so many incredible well and dots and panel to check out. And happy to be joined by two of the featured filmmakers. Adding that he and Diana Peralta thank you for being here guys and hadn't come incredible work first of all congratulations. On even being in the festival. I Wii but we talked about this before but was this your first time having your work in such a big. Festival. Well this is my first feature so every screening today DL when it was may ferry festivals so far it's amazing to deal to bring my phone back on to New York. And plan for my people yes weary from where is your family for my Amazon Dominican Republic but I was born and raised in the acts best of both yes. The book and unity I've had some of minutia of these T shirts that are in the possible up plated a couple other places but I'm super excited to be back on the East Coast and from Miami. Soon and that same time zone is nice guy but yet to play for I was looking when it plays in a Latino film festival and specifically for parkinson's. So let's get a tear your films you did day long Leo it's a feature film yes amazing thing and then you have to shorts. To not look sued yes it's over achiever yeah initial excitement. We don't like the house. Belgium. No one could go through it now Cuban missile crisis which is not about the Cuban missile crisis of the little bit of a surprise yeah and then you have jury manner yes who wants to go person I want you guys explain what these these films are about. We'll start with you had a great yes. I have to shorts I'm. Dreamer is more of a dark comedy it's it's been called Latino black Mir if that helps kind of put it in perspective. It's about a Latino who comes home one day it said in the near future analysts you know consulate in discovers that he's been replaced by a wider version of himself. And that site loosely based on you know my experiences in the industry as you know I know I can pass. And that happens and when I go to auditions. You know not. Being I'm like oh wait you're not Latino enough for this role eight year also not white enough for this world. So like so what is that what is being white enough what is being Latino enough so. What sort of explore that so I got to play be wider version which lets people see me and sometimes. And very robotic care yeah. I thought it was interesting here is giving me some major get out vibes yes yeah yes absolutely yeah in the inspired by black and here again out I mean aluminum the matrix and exudes those old idea that's amazing what you can and convey in just seven minutes yet. Up its stock has you don't have a lot of real estate so you have to try to like Truman downs like what are the absolutely essential things that I need. And throwing some jokes to make audience clap and also trying to say something at the same time. Definitely money. And Diana and they let me go yes beautiful piece things like sat so well he let it marine all these moments that really lets you tap into what that Latino cultures Blake. I'm so tell me about your film. To her son and omni is about to. Dominican American sisters one amazed in the act like myself who go back to the island to reunite with their exchange tap other lands when I always there and upper left. So they're reuniting because their father passed away so there emptying out his childhood home. Which is a bit of a place of drama for them because and a coming to terms of letting go of the last next to their islands. You know there. There has planning has little bit because of the culture clash between being American and being diminish cannon. And it's just a bit of a family's. At Condit comedy because it is serious but dominicans and money are Latinos deal went. Difficulties through comedy. So I just wanted to make senate that was communicated so he cannot he can I can feel all of the emotions. What does this facing intentional because I felt lake you really allowed us to understand the characters 'cause it was moving a little bit slow so you can really like understand who they where yes she wanted to see you. Number one lean in to how much slower things in the Caribbean and just let people live in the space and many environments I wanna rush people through that. Is that such a big part of the east of the seals there Nelson just I'm just not a dialogue heavy songs I want to let the actors just performance. The vote could wet their feelings and expressions into their actions saying I love the idea asked just like living with them through these difficult moments and experiencing it when. It was brilliant. Think he's absolutely brilliant and I want I'm gonna move on but we can't move on without talking about it's. You're your second short. We're human missile crisis I didn't. Andy and Larry resume its yeah I'm still cracking up about things as tell us what this is about. Yes that this is a Cuban immigrants it's it's so it's told in a monkey Metairie sciele selecting he has interviewed for thirty. Documentaries. It's a Cuban immigrant who currency. The US and he joins a pick up basketball game these group of guys that play every Saturday are down one guy so they need one more to play for gore. And this guy you Scobey shows up was named after Kobe Bryant I'm. Playing with the fact a lot of Cubans. Their names start with a wire like I went to school with. Yet he's ladies in the use ladies you know. So playing with a character like that who shows up and it looks can be deceiving he's wearing his jeans this book flops or yellow hat on his. Everybody's. And then evils and I. Disney's he's an assassin. Let impatient. Yes. Why do you guys think representation matters. In these sorts of spaces. You you're telling very specific stories. So why do you think it it's important for you to be behind and in your case in front of the camera. Well I think our stories are just not being told enough and there's. Millions of people up and Arthur C for this type of content for this type of story tying. And if we don't tell our stories is meant no one's gonna do half RS so I think it's. Som meeting that hustles like in their thinking a phone plus a long irons have been doing this for years promoting our stories from winning aren't artists and making sure that those stories are out there. Yeah as you know I cast herself in these because these are roles that I wanna play that I don't get the opportunity to like in the industry. We're seeing Latinos are Latin necks are seen as like one specific story right like that people think this is what it is. But there's so I mean look at us we're like different to Wear the same men and we can. Talking about specificity the more specific we get what these stories. The more universal I think Garland and find like I'm sure watching yourself find similarities and my family and yet even in movies that are out now that aren't even like out of the Latin next world like all these diverse stories like for presentation across the board is so important. Because we can all identify with those things. The most important question for you guys is aware can people watch your films. Lament Communists not in the festival circuit so I'll be sure to announce as the plane different cities. But hopefully one day it'll get distributed so it can be available to the wider population yes. I hope I hope that man is an aesthetic was. You know and Eddie young minds finishing its sort of fassel moron boast the both of them so they're gonna be available on line you can check out look up my YouTube channel and he Mika on YouTube. Dreamer is available on video and actually you know put a note Cuban missile crisis in October will be hearing guns in his Sony's Spansion like. It's June. NCA I'm so proud of you guys thinking this is incredible I hope you're proud of your selves on congratulations again. Skies to name he needed no Eddie leek Diana for all. Look for them check them out on and stick around their website lots of downs absolutely incredible thank you guys think you song yes Christine.

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{"duration":"7:54","description":"Director and actor Eddie Mujica and director Diana Peralta stop by ABC News Live to chat about their feature films. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"65032368","title":"New York Latino Film Festival","url":"/Entertainment/video/york-latino-film-festival-65032368"}