Youngest Olsen Sister in Breakout Performance

Elizabeth Olsen discusses her time shooting "Martha Marcy May Marlene."
7:30 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Youngest Olsen Sister in Breakout Performance
-- -- And you're. Right. I you've got a really nice place here. -- yours is in his mind. -- -- Elizabeth -- welcome to show. And I'm asking everybody to start the issue by saying who they are and what they do for a living a -- I the and I am actor interior of the film's -- And silent house and my customers -- Competition. -- and -- you say it competition it's me it's just a little more scared than the one that is it to become now I makes -- -- more excited actually the case. I I actually don't really. Very much about the festival like and I had asked the manager arraignment yesterday. And Michael August. I didn't think there side. And asked would you be judged. It constantly -- -- When -- decide to be an actor that's what I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe I couldn't taking care -- it -- -- Like the care of myself. You you can. We should explain a little you know got out yes and about a girl -- -- in the cult. Yes -- in a -- Really no good relationship with her -- -- But then vehicle turns a little too abusive and in is much -- she wants to believe that these people. Are living a very peaceful life she she realizes that some the things that acute witnesses. Are not moral and so she she leaves without you know she runs away basically -- -- she's not really allowed to leave. -- -- -- sisters -- fears that a circles sent. And and she. -- -- -- -- -- -- is so ashamed and confused about what's happened to her that she doesn't talk about it but she has that she has these. Things that are inherent. And in her personality. That that them that they Cole did kind of like shape and her her more now and and so Sarah -- characters my sister Lucy. Doesn't really know how to handle it and an -- is. And has bothered by -- -- and also the audience doesn't know how to handle -- either so whether whether the paranoid and my character goes through. Is real or not you know -- -- question and what actually happens in the end it's always a question. -- give away any of that but -- -- mind -- go down in this explain a little about the meaning of the title with the that the names with the -- Then Washington and Marlene was like something back to synthetic track didn't. Yeah. Well I'd -- characters. -- seem. John Cox's character who's that leader Michael Patrick. He. He believes that names or something here that your old so we'll just feel -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is John be talking to John and -- that music let -- be as big. Says he -- endings mean RC. And Bartley is the name that that the emails refer to themselves. When the outside world -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll explain how you've got into politics and being mean we know that -- sisters and bar and that you grew up doing this and the family that was working yet. But. When did it he -- that this was what she wanted to be. When I -- sent her a sighting them. It's musical theater that I have ideas are that are really awful really glad we and I kill for the that I I lived doing that and I looked forward every single summer and we did exactly girls and as a dancer. And I just pretty much try to -- anything that I can perform. I loved performing I was I was out one -- As much as I that is are always late onset. And working I was the one who is -- -- -- at this late show that it is created and so I I. I took classes and I trains since I was seminary -- did take classes the professional. Younger children and I just didn't really. I didn't belittled epidemic -- teacher sent that I couldn't dance -- -- -- when -- addition. It's the discipline wasn't there anyone's. That dance night -- later on Mulder. And that -- I did if you answered her school is most schools and then went to college and you attention so student. Atlantic theater company that -- -- the Oscar Peters and -- I just I'd love training and -- meeting. Actors my -- I actually. I think at least look at -- part of really amazing crop -- actors. Well the last question asked everybody yeah comes on the show. Always has to do to musical question. -- -- just because that Rolling Stone rate it's it's a thing and I ask everybody to sing a little piece of a song OK it's in there -- that means something to. Special okay. That say that. There's that lets just am. Why can't -- and and this. And I think. In Spain. We've been. -- might hit it big event it -- Little did -- -- time. What is wrong with -- Even fits easily -- he has that eyes Tom Waits Tom -- It's -- my son Brad -- -- -- -- by which he said. -- They like. Let's say he is beautiful song again and it's hard to fine and I love that these are not having. I -- Not have -- -- -- it's just -- tiny wine that's right. It's believed that in mind dead yeah I've gotten -- School and -- Monday. Figure out it. But -- that projects like do and people -- letting you know -- everything is just arguing this on in this place where so many -- people start so it's a great thing yet that it. You -- your dad cause you -- that they -- -- your use it's they live and I am but no one else constantly is known only faintly -- I don't know I really liked it. But I like -- -- it's interesting thing to -- that -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":14835507,"title":"Youngest Olsen Sister in Breakout Performance","duration":"7:30","description":"Elizabeth Olsen discusses her time shooting \"Martha Marcy May Marlene.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/youngest-olsen-sister-breakout-performance-14835507","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}