'Black Sails' Sets Sail on Starz

Actors Zach McGowan & Hannah Discuss The Latest Pirate Series 'Black Sails'
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Transcript for 'Black Sails' Sets Sail on Starz
Michael Bay's highly anticipated new theories black sales is about to set sail on -- -- gritty pirate adventure. -- on the tales of captain Clinton is men and takes place twenty years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic. Treasure islands and joining us today from black sales -- -- -- knew exactly how welcome Tivo thank you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So this is cool it's a period piece obviously and you're dealing with pirate culture but what what are the hot lines were talking about. Well the first season by day's end the hunting of one of the biggest treasure Italians in history. And damage -- Sweeney kind of physical trauma says you're following different crews and the way in which the alliance is for long and changed. And and then -- hissy fit the story does spread out to get a -- expensive what -- he was. Highland -- just because manual rules and and tag yet since -- Is one of those things you really you know you'll you'll see the reality -- your life. These guys reasons -- -- be very hygienic I don't know -- that's that's hard to sell stolen goods that you need you know there's there's a lot of political kind of relationships. Get -- you can imagine. It's that you do have a crew we all know what mutiny is -- balance and that is coming -- -- lookout for a scholarship definite I mean that this kind of that is full of democracy these guys are experimenting and so is ready interesting to see how that's developing next season one done you're analyses in two (%expletive) right now which is great what you know houses get the call. Even more episodes they want for season -- than they want to. There's nothing like you know having your employment futures. And that just means that you know the reaction of the network was really -- and reaction common was -- and decided to. To go ahead an -- and more so we're we're really blessed enough right. Ask you both how you -- searched -- -- roles you know we all think about us. Pirates and we feel like we kind of know the deal but you may have to think about the time you live din of the conditions on the ship -- he said -- -- -- research wolf. There's an -- -- so much written about this time and in your character in particular -- was so. So my chargers captain Charles Payne and he's one of these. And so there's actually a lot you know written on this many books and mean Charles greenhouse as a Wikipedia page. For instance incidents are -- could -- the start to see what the common you know common threads are but the truth is is that. That's also limiting -- only find out like little. New figures this is helmet much was taken from this ship. This is how much he he accumulated over his career. Really finding people work and what did you -- that's really. We often -- or associate women with this -- Lifestyle what is that like I'm an end here. Affinia seminary privileged position because it's kind of bringing tonight as a section of society that's never -- innings -- -- in history facts and Timmy was very much of -- in the context -- -- -- context and looking at. What the situation being for women in the Bahamas this time and -- kind of like a war situation and they say these women. Can run these towns that provide -- little things pirates need to go often hunt these prizes. So when the men come back into town -- often got him from fighting -- these prices -- much changes I think this kind of huge amount of respect for these women as well. Here so I pay and and it got 32 days of what they would quell the facts as she takes in part -- thousand to mention chicks. And and she's a very determined young women -- has kind of control of the island's economic team this -- Say a half father is this an -- front of the business and she's getting with -- innocent side and having to deal with. Pirates since. I mean what -- had a hard time you'd hang your business buying much passing out maybe you know you worked with Michael -- executive producer and we think big sense larger than life. Scenery he set design where he gritty guy shoot -- and went -- We shouldn't Cape Town South Africa and most of its actually -- on clock news in the film studio where they've built. What has got to be one of the largest -- I mean I've never seen anything like -- a full town there are. Full ships there's a full pirate ship and -- -- leadership that's that's. You know almost almost a perfect -- competency going -- would. Would be it's it's really amazing to see all but one place that's easy for actors you know -- for us to actually kind of immerse themselves in the world. It's -- there yeah. Yeah on front of -- one place and -- -- you're never on the actual water this. You know Hollywood magic and I gave -- an -- I was like -- -- -- -- seems like -- it's like it's incredible and in my -- just isn't on the -- is -- -- -- an ambush -- -- I'm posting -- to crank. And say -- it -- -- and -- these mean having the backing certainly Michael Bay Odyssey. We have in this incredible -- production team in -- -- and making magic happened. -- -- -- together dad -- -- to see we didn't see you on shameless. No one here this is folks I'm tired yeah. Tired now you know why won't be engine was this season will be enough -- cells and you know it's it's a really great way to follow up to characterize him aside. Working in an English accent -- with all -- these fantastic. Actors from England and Australia and South -- -- it's it's really just something that very few American actors it is last an hour. -- you're in your second year of work on this program that finally friends and -- -- -- gonna get to see him hey you had getting out that yeah I would just rating cited for everyone to -- -- and -- like we just enjoyed making it so much -- This is what we've been working in this is in the last year of our lives so we're excited for every -- that's what we've been. The work so hard and for those few who wanted to check it out they're gonna have the opportunity had and -- thank you so much for joining ask.

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{"id":21562212,"title":"'Black Sails' Sets Sail on Starz","duration":"3:00","description":"Actors Zach McGowan & Hannah Discuss The Latest Pirate Series 'Black Sails' ","url":"/Entertainment/video/zach-mcgowan-hannah-interview-black-sails-2014-starz-21562212","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}