Zachary Quinto Comes Out

ABC News' Dan Kloeffler also reveals he's gay during the report.
0:48 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Zachary Quinto Comes Out
Zachary Quintero. -- who played Spock in Star Trek. He came out -- think He came out in a very nonchalant way He was doing an article for New York magazine and He said the reason why He came -- was the fact that death. He was inspired. By. A young boy they had committed suicide. He was gay He He made and it gets better. Video and Zachary said that that is really. Encouraged him to say you know -- as -- game -- -- -- to come out and with -- in the strong which is very nice to see plus he's 34 I'm 35 I'm thinking. I thought I come I can lose my distraction about dating actors write from now on -- In any of it it was really touching on his blog -- you wrote about that young man -- just wanting to reach out and hopefully you know let other folks know that it's asking. Yes it absolutely does -- does.

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{"duration":"0:48","description":"ABC News' Dan Kloeffler also reveals he's gay during the report.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"14752051","title":"Zachary Quinto Comes Out","url":"/Entertainment/video/zachary-quinto-dan-kloeffler-come-out-as-gay-14752051"}