Disney's Best 'Frenemies'

Real-life besties Zendaya & Bella Thorne talk about their stylish new roles.
3:44 | 01/12/12

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Transcript for Disney's Best 'Frenemies'
Bella Thorne and then day -- best friends on the Disney Channel comedy series shaken up and they are teaming up on screen once again for Disney and the TV movie. Brittany here's a look. You -- -- a lot yeah I thought -- -- is that a problem because we're very mature for age -- people think we like thirty I want. And that's what we tell them. Hello you -- only fourteen but -- absolutely. America -- bella -- and that they had to join us now -- think he's so much for being there being -- ask you how little bit about your characters on this new. Well my character traveling mean she's on she's really funky -- that's really really eagerly and -- -- -- in the things. That -- she loves her best friend obviously who lit him them for me -- -- -- on this is thankless wit and habit spending changes to skylight. Out there. My character she's kind of -- -- answer -- she's. The writer she's not -- -- in the writer and she isn't there and she -- classes and you know but she still like a like that she she ran thanking key -- -- both fashion bloggers that write in this in this may -- are you into fashion and realize oh -- yes. Adding ingenuity I guess I am like a setback so without us and fun for you to extend that into you -- movie life. -- -- -- is really even on the show I characters are fashioning says so obviously whoever character who -- we hadn't and has yeah. And your obvious clearly no strangers at my best friend he's my best friends -- -- that with the natural extension. How has the skyline has shaken up. It's it's amazing it's it's extraordinary run second season rain now in its hate only love our cats there -- wonderful. It's only to. This isn't just Iraq. And -- gone by so fast and -- And you know. Now we -- -- -- the show just started and you some. You know when he had a dance background and money didn't -- do you feel like you're totally unequal footing with it and I think he's acting. Nine crackers I really don't worry. Atlanta you know like from where she started to announce -- enemies and I admire and inconveniently. -- before it -- and she's got an extra -- that's that's just so what -- that money go. Acting dancing vote. I think everything yes everything definitely definitely a lot more films for me and then dramatic step. That's when it started and I definitely want to finish out and what -- singing. I'll step endorsing filling seeing now is -- and months and main musical family sounds and China -- points and -- mark songs have come down you know really entertainment. Very exciting what was your favorite part -- working -- -- I you use your best friend. That's definitely end and we're like that it's like I'm on the bottom on the lines and and on the top level and -- -- over -- -- -- or if we can -- -- -- we would just time online all night I just how did you catch it live -- We are several and you hear her voice you'll soon -- have you come to the team could never we're gonna -- independently. And I'm. Most likely soon be visiting kind of writing. Like. I'll cancel we'll -- in each of the fifth -- very very very exciting. Bella and the day -- thank you so much for joining me today congratulations -- -- idea. And don't miss the Disney Channel original movie and it means when it debuts Friday January 3 --

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{"id":15349428,"title":"Disney's Best 'Frenemies'","duration":"3:44","description":"Real-life besties Zendaya & Bella Thorne talk about their stylish new roles.","url":"/Entertainment/video/zendaya-bella-thorne-frenemies-disney-besties-friends-15349428","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}