Zola Jesus Interview: 'Conatus,' David Lynch Remix

AudioFile: Nika Roza Danilova discusses recording "Conatus" and Lynch's remix.
4:10 | 03/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Zola Jesus Interview: 'Conatus,' David Lynch Remix
My name is -- -- music anthology that. I think any sort of art form. In its own way. Is this analog to religion because it's -- -- way of learning to understand the world better and understand -- -- and you find a community and -- this kind of revel and inhumanity in the and it very different -- and -- I feel like I'm music is just like you know. It gives me purpose it gives me reason to be here. Studying opera was great because it helped me. -- that my. Boys. And also it helped me become a very. Hard worker. But at the same time and it really made me a lot more. I'm more of a crazy person. Because I was constantly trying to seeing better and and and be perfect in everything had to be completely technically accurate when I was singing. In the expression -- -- So I just felt this disconnect with the expression of music. Everything and then the it. -- players -- played on the record played what I wrote them. -- observational. And I like to ask questions. And very. Period a lot of it -- -- land area in things that I would like you know things the thunder and -- everything that I do is about wanting to understand the world better and this kind of find my place. Like and anyway. The biggest change. By moving -- LA -- spends the lack of space. Includes four constantly around the table and I live in the heart of Hollywood. Just feels like he added William Lynn. Just trying to change its. It feels a lot more. Claustrophobic. Maybe because I felt so claustrophobic. And that means it is always -- -- I really feel what I feel inside and -- of south. Definitely think that -- done. Okay. Yeah. Okay. I had a phone call from my label and they said we need spends like -- the track for your songs very next. No way and I've never authorizing the war. And they -- for gave Atlanta an evening of song. You know like -- OK -- okay here's. So I give -- fans in them. -- giving nature and sent it back anyways. -- -- feel unsafe and a different person but I do feel like my stuff I think ever responsibility. To. Really. Present. And money ambition to communicate what I am trying to say. Because I feel like you could go on stage and you could. Terrified because of what I can easily and -- But -- need to pursue that and engines give up everything up it's a self conscious of what. You know beat you to be proud of your trying to -- to these people so that's.

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{"id":15988932,"title":"Zola Jesus Interview: 'Conatus,' David Lynch Remix","duration":"4:10","description":"AudioFile: Nika Roza Danilova discusses recording \"Conatus\" and Lynch's remix.","url":"/Entertainment/video/zola-jesus-interview-conatus-david-lynch-remix-15988932","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}