Viola Davis Opens Up About Her Youth as 'the Hungry Kid'

Davis spoke to ABC News about growing up in poverty.

"We are launching a new fundraising in September," Davis said of her charity. "We're trying to get five million more breakfasts out there. We are doing in-store, online fundraising to get these breakfasts into schools."

Davis said that in the last three years alone, her organization has raised $12.5 million.

Davis also spoke about the "shame" of being hungry, she said.

"If I were to look at my entire childhood, if someone had thrown me a rope of just a meal, especially at the beginning of the day, it would have been my lifeline," she said. "I can't tell you how hard it is to talk about the fact that you were a kid that was hungry because it was like your big secret."

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"It warrants it," she said. "When you look at every script, every episode, you automatically channel the audience and you know how they are gonna respond. So, I say 'OMG!'"

She added, "A new mystery is going to be revealed and I'm telling you, I'm not just saying it to hook you ... [even] we haven't been able to figure it out as a cast."