'The Walking Dead' recap: 'The Other Side'

Find out what happened in last night's episode.

— -- Sunday night's episode of "The Walking Dead" shows residents of the Hilltop community preparing for battle.

Sasha, meanwhile, is preparing her own mission, getting schematics of the Saviors' sanctuary as she plans to try to take out Negan. She says one final goodbye at night to Abraham's grave.

The next day, Rosita comes to her. "I'm here because I need your help," she says.

In a hollowed-out book in Jesus' trailer, Sasha finds a small stash of bullets. Jesus and Enid catch her, and he tries to talk her out of her "mission." When that fails, he tries to convince her to tell Maggie.

Enid tells Sasha she's going to tell Maggie -- but doesn't get a chance. A guard rings an alarm: "The Saviors are coming!"

Maggie and Daryl scramble to a cellar, and Rosita and Sasha slip out through a secret tunnel and under the fence.

Simon and his toadies file into Gregory's residence, and as usual, the spineless leader appears happy to welcome them.

After some small talk, Simon makes it clear they're looking for someone. Naturally, we think he means Daryl.

Sasha and her former romantic rival, Rosita, debate strategy for killing Negan. Sasha wants to snipe him from outside the Sanctuary, while Rosita wants to slip into the compound to make sure they kill him.

At Hilltop, Enid tries in vain to distract a Savior from the root cellar in which Daryl and Maggie are hiding. He closes in and Daryl and Maggie prepare for the worst.

Simon and company, as it turns out, want Hilltop's doctor, who is apparently the brother of the one Negan rammed into the furnace. Simon gives his condolences, and tries to convince the doctor that joining Negan is "moving up in the world." They have gelato, after all.

Gregory calls Simon outside and tries to prove his loyalty, but asks to keep the doctor. His request is denied, though Simon offers him a channel to visit anytime at the Sanctuary.

Back in the root cellar, the Savior leaves, after taking some food. With Maggie and Daryl left alone, he apologizes for getting Glenn killed. She won't hear of it. They shed tears as they hug it out. "I need you to win," Maggie says.

At their over-watch position, Rosita and Sasha wait for a shot at Negan, spot Eugene in the Sanctuary courtyard and bond for the first time. Rosita explains how she learned skills from different men in her life, then moved on ... But Abraham was different, she tells Sasha. "No matter how it all goes down, I got your back," Sasha says. "And I've got yours," Rosita replies.

Negan shows up in the courtyard, but Sasha can't get a clean shot. "So we go in," Rosita says.

Back at Hilltop, Gregory threatens to sic the Saviors on Jesus. Daryl interrupts them. "Where's Sasha and Rosita?" he asks.

At the Saviors' compound, Eugene is showing a guard around when Sasha drops the guy with a silenced firearm. Eugene makes it known he doesn't need rescuing.

Sasha locks herself inside the compound, leaving Rosita outside. She runs away, frustrated, until she spots the silhouette of Daryl.

"The Walking Dead" returns next Sunday, March 26 at 9 p.m. Eastern time.