'The Walking Dead' Recap: 'Twice as Far'

We said goodbye to yet another cast member.


The latest episode of "The Walking Dead" showed daily life in Alexandria getting back to normal; patrols continue, shelves are stocked...but at least one thing is different: Carol. Still shaken from her bloodletting in last week's episode, Carol shares a smoke break with Daryl, who is noodling with the motorcycle he reclaimed from the Saviors.

The bike had been stolen by Dwight, the young man Daryl didn't kill back in the burned forest, and Carol asks him about his decision not to kill him -- which set in motion much of the bloodshed for Rick and company.

"What did they do to you?" Daryl asks his friend. "To us?" Carol answers. "They didn't do anything."

Meanwhile, Dr. Denise is looking to prove her worth, and wants to go on a scouting mission for medicine at a nearby drug store. She asks Daryl and Rosita for some backup -- and they begrudgingly hop in truck to go with her.

The pair dismount and clear out some walkers and Daryl opts a wooded route. Denise follows, while Rosita takes the more direct, but more exposed, train tracks.

Meanwhile, Abraham and Eugene are on patrol, with the latter changing his trademark hairstyle as evidence he's adapted into a survivor. Abe isn't convinced.

Daryl, Denise, and Rosita meet up, and find the place and carefully approach.

Meantime, Eugene and Abraham reach their location: a small factory at which Eugene reveals his plans to produce their own bullets. A single walker appears, and Eugene calls dibs. But covered in metal, the walker's head is impossible to split. Abraham steps in and does the deed, which miffs Eugene and leads him to tell Abraham he no longer needs him for protection. The ginger leaves, angry.

Daryl and Rosita raid the store's prescriptions, choosing to ignore the banging noise from an unseen walker. After finding a "Dennis" keychain from the store's racks, Denise gets the bright idea to go investigate the noise herself. She finds a very old walker and a slop sink filled with blood -- and a baby's shoe. Understandably, she freaks out and flees. Clearly she's not cut out for this hunting/gathering business.

"You did good finding this place," Daryl commends her a short time later. Dr. Denise talks about losing her twin brother Dennis: the name on the keychain she selected.

Feeling her oats on the way back to their truck, she spots a cooler in a car in which a very viable walker is locked.

The others tell her to ignore the cooler, but she opens the door anyway, and the walker springs at her, and Denise nearly gets bit. Daryl and Rosita rush to save her but she waves them off, needing to do the kill herself. She does, before puking on her glasses.

"For a couple damn sodas?!" Daryl flames her about her decision to go for the cooler. "Nope," Denise responds. "Just for this one" -- an orange soda for her love Tara.

Just as Denise explains why she chose her particular bodyguards, an arrow shoots through the back of her head and through her eye.

She hits the ground, dead, as a group of gunmen stalk out of the forest, with Eugene hostage.

Daryl and Rosita have no choice but to lower their weapons. The gunmen's ringleader, Dwight, is none other than the guy who took Daryl's bike and crossbow in an earlier episode. He just used Daryl's signature weapon to kill Denise.

"I shoulda killed you," Daryl hisses. Dwight doesn't deny it.

Dwight reveals his plans: he wants into Alexandria, and to make off with whatever -- and whoever -- their group wants.

Abraham, meanwhile, hides behind a nearby pile of junk, waiting for his moment.

On his knees, Eugene seemingly rats out Abraham's hiding spot. Dwight orders some of the men to peel off to find him -- and Eugene turns around and bites Dwight's crotch.

Amidst the screaming, Abraham opens fire from a different location and Daryl and Rosita join the fray. The heroes repel the gunmen, with Rosita having to restrain Daryl from trying to pursue -- or at least get in a parting shot with his reclaimed, trusty crossbow.

Eugene took a stray shot in the exchange, and the gang carried him back. When he awakes, Abraham welcomes him to the "survivor" club, with Eugene explaining he's already ranked up.

Abraham later acts on his feelings for Sasha, and shows up at her door; she lets him in.

Daryl and Carol bury Denise in Alexandria.

Carol narrates a goodbye letter to Alexandria, explaining she can no longer kill for them. Her letter ends with her imploring her friends not to look for her.