'The Walking Dead': Theories and Evidence on Who Dies in Sunday's Premiere

SPOILERS -- Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

— -- Warning: Major Spoiler Alerts.

"Eeny, meeny, miny, moe." Who will be the next to go?

Sunday might turn out to be one of the most heartbreaking episodes thus far on "The Walking Dead."

Since season 6's finale, fans have been speculating who falls victim to Negan's barbed-wire bat, aka "Lucille."

Last chance to look away!

The show is known to deviate from the comics, but here are some theories about what we'll learn in the first episode of season 7 and who will no longer be alive on the show.


Anyone in the group is fair game, but fans predict Glenn as Negan's victim and for good reason.

It could be due to what happens in the comics or subtle hints from where "TWD" left off at the end of season 6.

After Negan is shown swinging his bat at someone, one could hear what sounds like his love Maggie screaming in absolute horror in the background. One YouTube user plays a sound bite from the scene, suggesting that viewers could hear Maggie actually screaming Glenn's name after the first blow.

So why Glenn?

In the comics, Glenn was killed by Negan in a scene that's almost identical to the clips shown thus far. But the show's been known to switch things up from time to time.

Plus, it's no secret that Glenn's character has had some serious close calls that date back to Woodbury, where he fights off a walker while bound to a chair -- thanks to Merle Dixon (RIP).

In season 6, Glenn fights off Alexandria resident Nicholas who tries to kill him in the woods. Some episodes later, Nicholas shoots himself and lands on Glenn who falls in a pit of walkers. Fans prematurely mourned Glenn's death only to learn that once again, he comes out unscathed.

Losing Glenn would be a huge disappointment for fans who breathed sighs of relief when Maggie learned her husband was alive. And we learned last season that she and Glenn are going to be parents.


In season 5, viewers finally learned Abraham's upsetting life story pre-Apocalypse.

Later, in season 6, while helping Daryl and Sasha lead the walker herd away from Alexandria, Abraham jumps out of the car and begins taking out walkers off the road. Even Sasha is disturbed by his behavior, including the way he describes Rick executing Jessie's husband Pete the night before.

If story arcs go along as they usually do, Abraham going off the deep end could be a precursor hinting that creators are trying to get rid of him. And at this point in the show, Abraham has already outlived his character in the comics.

Why Abraham?

When Negan swings, the victim appears to fall to the ground and get back up again.

As they sit up, he or she does seem pretty tall like Abraham. This could be a sign that Abraham is the target, or just show that he is definitely the type (a former Army sergeant) to get back up and try to defend himself -- even if he is unarmed.


Eugene was never cut out for the post-apocalypse world. Since his character's debut, he received protection from Abraham only by pretending he was a scientist who knew the cause of the outbreak.

Eugene's been trying to prove his worth since confessing to the group that it was all a lie.

Why Eugene?

Towards the end of season 6, Eugene tells Abraham he's a survivor. He then tries calling Abraham off a walker, but fails to kill it right away.

Eugene becomes angry when Abraham steps in to kill the walker and tells him he no longer needs his protection.

Later in the episode, Eugene is captured by the saviors and Dwight insists that he, Rosita and Daryl lead them to Alexandria. Eugene sees Abraham hiding behind barrels and tells Dwight to kill him first.

This was a plan set by Eugene so he and the group could escape the saviors. Eugene successfully distracted the killers by biting Dwight.

Abraham later told Eugene that he earned his respect. This was a pivotal moment for Eugene, who always seemed to crave recognition for heroism. His character has hit an all-time peak and was even willing to sacrifice himself for his friends and for Alexandria.

When Negan hits his eeny, meeny, miny, moe, it looks as though he lands on the person all the way to his right. That person in the episode is Eugene.

Like Abraham, Eugene is one of the tallest in the group. Since the victim sits up after Negan strikes, this could symbolize Eugene's newfound toughness and willingness to "survive."