Watch Helen Mirren Have a Twerking Contest with Michael Strahan

"It looks so wrong but it feels so right!" declared the talk show host.

"It looks so wrong but it feels so right!" declared Strahan afterward.

Mirren, 69, first showed off her dance moves earlier this year while accepting Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Award -- an honor she said was "so much fun."

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"Every girl, once in her lifetime, dreams of being a beauty queen and taking the ride through the streets with everybody cheering -- and when you're Women of the Year, you get that opportunity!" she said. "You happen to be surrounded by beautiful boys all in drag who actually look much more beautiful than you do, but it was incredible fun."

However, she still cringes when presented with the footage of herself twerking.

"Thank God I knew what it was," she said. "It would have been embarrassing and humiliating to say, 'I'm sorry, I don't know, what is twerking?'"