Watch Kim Kardashian Call Herself 'Dope on a Rope' at Age 13

"Everyone loves me because I'm so popular!" she said.

— -- Some things never change!

Even as a teenager, Kim Kardashian loved the camera.

In honor of the reality TV star's 34th birthday, "Entertainment Tonight" released footage of Kardashian celebrating her eighth-grade graduation with mom Kris Jenner and her sister Kourtney -- and she was very vocal about how well-liked she was.

"I'm the dopest on the ropest person in this class. I'm dope on a rope," she said in the video. "Everyone loves me because I'm so popular and everyone loves me!"

Nostalgia aside, it was a very happy birthday for Kardashian, who celebrated in private with her loved ones. Husband Kanye West, who last year marked the occasion by popping the question, even took to Twitter to send her a sweet birthday wish.

"Happy Birthday baby! Thank you for being the dopest wife & mom!" he wrote. "Sometimes I feel like just saying 'I love you' isn’t strong enough to express how much I love you..."