WATCH: 'Ninja Turtle' Pranks Pizza Delivery Persons

— -- While the Megan Fox-starring “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” is making its debut on the big screen this weekend, a prankster ninja turtle is racking up views on YouTube thanks to his “pizza power.”

The team at, a video curation site, decided to take on the popularity of the return of the Turtles franchise by odering pizzas for a costumed turtle hanging out in a manhole, as the turtles of the comic book series-turned TV series-turned movie, do.

The nearly three-minute YouTube video shows unsuspecting pizza delivery people showing up to a street corner, trying to knock on the door of a nearby building or call someone on their cell phone to find the correct address, only to then be called to the manhole by a man’s voice and the sight of a turtle hand peeping out.

“Cowabunga dude,” the costumed turtle, who identifies himself as “Donatella,” says at least twice, while handing over cash for the pizza.

The video was shot last month in Los Angeles in a five-hour shoot that came only after producers obtained clearance from city officials to shoot in the sewer, according to Andy Signore, vice president of programming for Defy Media, the owner of

"There were a lot of logistics to make that happen," Signore told ABC News.

Signore described the delivery people as being in "shock" and "disbelief," but also in awe, especially the one delivery person who took a selfie with the turtle.

"As a huge 'Ninja Turtles' fan myself, that is probably how I would have reacted," Signore said.