Creator of HBO's 'Euphoria' says it tries to be 'empathic'

Sam Levinson, the creator and writer of the HBO show 'Euphoria,' drew on his own youth for the raw and powerful series

NEW YORK -- The HBO show "Euphoria" is personal for Sam Levinson, its creator and writer.

He drew on his own youth and struggles with addiction for the series.

The eight-episode show follows a group of suburban high school students as they try to construct an identity in a world saturated with social media.

There's plenty of ugly sex, full frontal nudity, and several disturbing and violent scenes. Other recent shows — like Netflix's "Sex Education" and "13 Reasons Why" — have explored the underbelly of teen life, but not like this.

It has sparked controversy, but its creator says it takes the lives of young people seriously and with empathy.