Daughter of 'tiger mom' Chua picked as Kavanaugh law clerk

Justice Brett Kavanaugh has hired the daughter of Yale law school professor and "tiger mom" Amy Chua, who praised Kavanaugh as a mentor to women after his nomination to the Supreme Court

Yale Law graduate Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld will serve as a law clerk to Kavanaugh for a year, beginning this summer, the court confirmed Monday. Chua-Rubenfeld had planned to work for Kavanaugh when he served as a federal appeals court judge, but his Supreme Court nomination intervened.

Shortly after the nomination, Chua penned a Wall Street Journal essay extolling Kavanaugh "as a mentor for young lawyers, particularly women."

Chua, who wrote a book called "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" that describes her tough Chinese-style parenting on her two daughters, said she came to know Kavanaugh because she served on the Yale panel that sought to place graduates in prestigious federal clerkships. She said she helped eight women and two men get jobs in his court office over a decade.

"These days the press is full of stories about powerful men exploiting or abusing female employees. That makes it even more striking to hear Judge Kavanaugh's female clerks speak of his decency and his role as a fierce champion of their careers," Chua wrote.

The essay was published before a woman came forward alleging Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her during a party decades ago, when both were teenagers. Kavanaugh angrily denied the allegations.

Neither Chua nor Chua-Rubenfeld responded to emails seeking comment Monday.

Chua-Rubenfeld's hiring was first reported by author and lawyer David Lat on his Supreme Ambitions Twitter feed.