Egyptian actor says military court sentenced him to 8 years

Egyptian actor known for his criticism of government says military court sentenced him in absentia to eight years in prison

Amr Waked, a 45-year-old actor living in Spain, said his lawyer told him he was convicted of "disseminating false news and insulting state institutions."

The lawyer, Malek Adly, said his client got a three-year sentence in once case and five-year term in the other case. He said he has asked authorities for more details, so he can appeal the verdicts.

Waked, who has been residing in Barcelona since October 2017, said he has no knowledge of what the cases against him are about and cannot return to his home country.

He said, however, that Samir Sabry, a pro-government lawyer with a reputation for moral vigilantism and suing celebrities, filled a complaint at a military court against the celebrated actor, accusing him of insulting Egypt's military. Waked denied the charges.

Egypt under el-Sissi has waged a massive crackdown on dissent in recent years, imprisoning thousands of people, rolling back freedoms won in the 2011 uprising and silencing almost all dissenting voices.