A new 'Les Miserables' heads to TV - no singing along please

A new six-hour adaptation of 'Les Miserables' in which no one sings is heading to PBS starring David Oyelowo and Dominic West

NEW YORK -- David Oyelowo says he believes a new six-part retelling of "Les Miserables" can co-exist with the musical, and will be familiar to contemporary audiences.

Oyelowo, who plays the dogged investigator Javert, points to financial misery of Fantine and the unjustness of Jean Valjean's imprisonment as story lines that remain relevant.

The actor kept arm's length from his castmates, including Dominic West who plays Valjean and Lily Collins as Fantine.

The added preparation can be seen on PBS' "Masterpiece" beginning Sunday when Javert begins his hunt for the heroic fugitive Valjean, in a powerful adaptation of Victor Hugo's novel.