Makers of 'A Dog's Journey' feel vindicated as sequel nears

Writer of 'A Dog's Purpose' say no animal abuse happened, star of 'Purpose' and sequel "A Dog's Journey,' Dennis Quaid, agrees

LOS ANGELES -- The 2017 family movie "A Dog's Purpose" was marred by accusations of animal abuse after a video of a frightened dog that appeared to be forced into rushing water during the making of the film was posted by TMZ.

The footage quickly went viral but a third-party investigation discounted the allegations. On Thursday, those involved in the film reflected on the controversy at the premiere of the film's sequel, "A Dog's Journey."

American Humane has said its investigation showed no dogs were harmed but acknowledged the dog was in distress and production staff should have realized that earlier.

Dennis Quaid, the star of both movies, said: "I think we were really vindicated in that."

PETA maintained that an animal was terrorized during the movie in a statement to The Associated Press on Friday.