Marital bliss or nah: '90 Day Fiance' becomes hit for TLC

Marital bliss or nah: '90 Day Fiance' becomes a massive hit for TLC, sparking multiple spinoffs

LOS ANGELES -- "90 Day Fiance" is a popular docu-series that has become a massive hit for TLC through its parent show and multiple spinoffs.

The series follows couples comprised of an American and a foreigner who are searching for love while trying to overcome cultural barriers to quickly marry. The foreigner arrives on a special visa and is required to marry their U.S. citizen petitioner within three months upon entry into the U.S. or else leave the country.

Some couples end in marital bliss. Other relationships didn't stand a chance after continuous drama including keyed cars, vulgar shouting matches and domestic violence incidents.

The various story lines have become so enticingly popular since the series debuted in 2014 that the cable network created six spinoffs series, with four airing in September.