Meet the playwright behind a 'deeply raw space' on Broadway

Playwright Jeremy O. Harris' Broadway debut 'Slave Play' can leave you in a 'deeply raw space' and that is intentional

NEW YORK -- Playwright Jeremy O. Harris has a rule that he doesn't cry in public. He broke that rule the night Rihanna attended his Broadway debut.

Harris uses the singer's 2017 hit single "Work" throughout his searing "Slave Play" and the pop star had promised to stop by one day. When she did, he wept.

Harris says, "I was an empty shell for a day."

Harris considers Rihanna "the patron saint" of the play. "Work" was playing in his head as he was coming up with the idea for it and triggering thoughts about women's labor.

"Slave Play" is a bracing work that mixes race, sex, taboo desires and class. Harris says the play leaves you "in a space that's raw" and that's intentional.