Q&A: Coffee with Bill Murray and Jim Jarmusch

Q&A: Bill Murray and Jim Jarmusch on their collaborations from 'Coffee and Cigarettes' and 'Broken Flowers' to their new zombie apocalypse film 'The Dead Don't Die'

CANNES, France -- Bill Murray says he's channeling his worries about the end of the world into picking up litter.

In an interview, Murray says he's started picking up trash on the street and that that small act makes him feel "like a citizen." In Jim Jarmusch's new film "The Dead Don't Die," Murray plays a police chief combating a zombie outbreak.

Murray added that for him, "the apocalypse is if the human fabric just continues to shred itself by this divisiveness, this opposition mentality."

"The Dead Don't Die" marks the third collaboration between Murray and Jarmusch who previously made "Coffee and Cigarettes" and "Broken Flowers" together. "The Dead Don't Die" opens in theaters Friday.