Years in the making, film about jazz pioneer Bolden to open

Years in the making, film about jazz cornetist Charles "Buddy" Bolden opens at last

NEW ORLEANS -- More than two decades after the seed was planted in Dan Pritzker's mind to make a movie about jazz cornetist Charles "Buddy" Bolden, the film is opening.

"Bolden" reimagines the life and music of the musician, of whom little is known. Many consider Bolden the father of what we now know as jazz. The movie stars Gary Carr ("Downton Abbey") as Bolden, who was born in 1877 and died in Louisiana's state asylum in 1931. The film features the musical talents of New Orleans native Wynton Marsalis, who wrote, arranged and performed music for it and is named executive producer on the project.

The film screened during the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and opens nationwide on Friday.