The World Video Game Hall of Fame Announces 1st Inductees

See what games made the cut!

— -- The Strong World Video Game Hall of Fame in upstate New York has announced its first class of inductees and it's a good one!

The games will now be on display at the museum in Rochester, New York.

The reason for the inductees makes sense. These games were not only popular but affected future games.

For example, the museum's website said Doom "was more than just a commercial success -- it also pioneered key aspects of game design and distribution that have become industry standards. The game’s designers created a game 'engine' that separated the game’s basic functions from other aspects such as artwork."

Super Mario Bros. came out when "the American home video game market had crashed, but Mario’s infectious, upbeat personality helped Nintendo revive it."

Nominees for the second class of the Hall are able to be submitted through next March.

"Anyone may nominate a game to the World Video Game Hall of Fame," the museum says.

Basic criteria include:

  • Icon-status
  • Longevity
  • Geographical reach
  • Influence