Y3W: Jukebox the Ghost's 'So Let Us Create'

PHOTO Philadelphia trio Jukebox the Ghost is shown here.PlayShervin Lainez
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Philadelphia trio Jukebox the Ghost provide this week's Y3W soundtrack with their song "So Let Us Create."

Band members Ben Thornewill (vocals & piano), Tommy Siegel (vocals & guitar) and Jesse Kristin (drums) met while attending George Washington University, and began playing music together shortly thereafter. Pulling literary and musical references from Vladimir Nabokov and Captain Beefheart, they decided on the name Jukebox the Ghost and recorded their first album in 2008.

In late 2010 they released the follow-up "Everything Under the Sun" (Buy on iTunes), and we were recently able to get in touch with guitarist and vocalist Siegel with a few questions.

ABC: You have an intense US tour on tap for this year. What is your favorite aspect of the touring experience? Least favorite?

Tommy Siegel: Coming back to a city and seeing more people at a show is probably the best part of tour. It's an incredibly rewarding feeling. Our least favorite part is probably tied between the long drives and being away from friends and family for so long.

ABC: Who are JTG's top musical influences?

TS: This is a tough question to answer, since the three of us don't really share a common pool of influence. These days on a personal level, I'm a huge fan of DC post-punk, 70s progressive rock, and punk/new-wave-crossover stuff from the late 70s like XTC. Jesse is a big Harry Nilsson nut and loves a lot of indie rock like Built to Spill, Guided By Voices, and Band of Horses. Ben is more of a classical and jazz listener, and loves the occasional guilty pleasure pop.

ABC: What are your new year's resolutions for 2011?

TS: To record a new album as soon as possible!

He says the band tries to put on a different show every time they go on tour, so fans can expect a wide variety of music and even some odd cover songs. Check out their tour schedule at JukeboxTheGhost.com and visit ABCNews.com for more Your Three Words.