‘You’re Beautiful’ Singer James Blunt Says Hit Song Was ‘Annoying’

Remember the hit song ‘You’re Beautiful’? So does the singer, and not fondly.

— -- “Gangnam Style,” “Party Rock Anthem,” and “Macarena” are all hit songs that were played so often that they eventually got on listeners’ nerves.

“You’re Beautiful,” the romantic ballad by James Blunt, is another song that was played over and over again until it had a similar effect on many people's ears.

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Blunt, 40, told Hello! magazine this week that the song was “force-fed down people’s throats … .” He added: “It became annoying … .”

He’s not the only singer to speak so frankly about his or her viral hit.

And in February, Madonna told “E.T.” Canada that she wasn’t a huge fan of her own tunes. The pop icon was responding to a question about what music she listened to when she worked out.

“I hate my music, I mean I'm sick of it. I'm like ‘turn it off,’" she said, but clarified that she loved her work but was tired of hearing it.

“I like to hear other people’s music when I work out,” she said.