Former first ladies, now presidential hopefuls

He is the President of Argentina, his wife a presidential candidate! Does it sound familiar?

The Argentinean capital of Buenos Aires woke up this morning covered with signs that read "the change is just beginning" accompanied by images of Senator Cristina Fernandez.

The President's cabinet chief Alberto Fernández announced yesterday that Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, national senator of the province of Buenos Aires will seek to succeed her husband Nestor Kirchner as President of Argentina.

Señora Kirchner and US presidential hopeful Mrs. Clinton have more than "first lady" in common…They are both senators; they are both baby boomers… they both have law degrees and they both met their husbands in law school. And while their supporters say they both bring new ideas to their party tickets, critics argue that these women are too closely identified with their husbands and their policies.

Opinion polls favor these two female candidates in their respective countries even though their husbands are still more popular among the electorate. And if they win, they would both be the first elected female presidents of their nations.

In case you are a female and wondering if you need to have a former president as a spouse to become president yourself, the answer is no. Michelle Bachelet in Chile and former Nicaraguan President Violeta Chamorro managed to get to the political pinnacle without a former president calling them "his first lady."