New Products to Pamper Your Beloved Pet

Expo features more than 3,000 new pet products.

April 23, 2010— -- The Global Pet Expo showcased more than 3,000 products for pets.

The industry's largest annual trade show featured more than 830 exhibitors at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.

Dr. Marty Becker, "Good Morning America's" veterinary contributor, appeared on the show to talk about five of his favorite products from last month's event:

Becker's Picks

Pet Therapy Jacket

Cost: $24.99 to $57.99

Ice and heat packs can be slipped into the attachable packs that can be put anywhere on the jacket, and the jacket itself then fits on your pet like a coat. The packs may be warmed in the microwave or put into the freezer. Becker said hot and cold therapy is important for an animal that may be in pain because of arthritis, genetic conditions, joint pain or injury.

Absolutely New Power Retractable Leash Weighted Exercise System for Dogs

Cost: $49.99

Ideal for combating obesity in pets and their humans, the 16-foot retractable leash comes with interchangeable weights. Up to 2 1/2 pounds of weights may be attached to the leash. The leash works well for dog walking, and has pockets for keys, a cell phone and pet waste bags.

Aircatditioner Litter Box

Cost: $299.00

The device, invented by a former New York City building manager, looks like an air conditioner but it's really a litter box. You can place it in your window, just like you would an air conditioner. The box has a ledge that the cat can jump on, as well as a hinged door so the animal can get inside the box. The device is ventilated on three sides. The box will keep homes smelling fresh, Becker said.

Pet Expo Products

Towel Togs

Cost: $19.99 to $49.95

Does anyone like the smell of a wet dog? Towel Togs are made of absorbent micro-fiber, and they have Velcro straps so they'll stay on dogs that have just had baths or taken a dip in the pool. The material will absorb moisture, reducing puddles and stains, Becker said.

Petmate Tagnabbit

Cost: $3.99

The tag ring is made with nickel rings attached with a swivel, enabling pet owners to add or remove ID tags more easily or move tags from one collar to another, Becker said.

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