Get Organized With Oprah's Great Closet Cleanout

Adam Glassman helped Winfrey clean out for a good cause. Get his tips.

Feb. 24, 2010— -- If you've always wanted to shop from Oprah Winfrey's wardrobe, now's your chance!

Winfrey is cleaning out her closet for charity after 25 years on the air, with the help of "O" magazine creative director Adam Glassman. The talk show queen will auction 150 items of clothing, shoes and accessories on eBay, with proceeds benefitting The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in South Africa.

Glassman gives "GMA" a preview of the items Winfrey parted with, and shares great tips on how to simplify your own closet spaces.


Glassman says this black quilted Chanel bag and gold Bottega Veneta purse are examples of bags Oprah purchased in her "ladies who lunch" phase. Although they're very chic, they proved impractical for her lifestyle and too small for her frame.


This Carolina Herrera satin dress was an example of a "fantasy piece" for Winfrey, according to Glassman. It's a stunning dress, but not one she wore regularly.


Now you can truly walk in Oprah's shoes! Oprah is known for her fabulous footwear, like these red Prada wedges. She wears a new pair of shoes for every show and only puts them on for the taping.

During her closet cleanout, Oprah discovered that she's actually a size 11 shoe, not a size 10, so her collection of items to be auctioned includes beautiful shoes that are too small and in great shape.

The auction also features a collector's item: the jacket Winfrey and other members of the Chicago delegation wore to Copenhagen for the 2016 Olympic bid. Winfrey said she would've kept the jacket if Chicago had been awarded the Olympics.

Get a sneak peek at more of the Great Closet Cleanout items being auctioned in the March issue of O magazine. CLICK HERE to learn more about the auction, which begins on March 1, and will continue until March 11.

Spring Cleaning: How to Organize Your Closet

With spring around the corner, it's the perfect time to clear the clutter in your closet. Glassman has some basic rules you can follow.

Don't Build a Wardrobe Based on Fantasy

Be honest about your lifestyle, Glassman says. Every item in your closet should have four viable places that it can be worn.

Don't Buy Your Favorites Over and Over

There's nothing wrong with having a go-to brand or ensemble, but Glassman says you should ask yourself just how many black pants or little gray sweaters you really need.

Rather than buying the same thing in bulk, invest in a few high-quality pieces. Better craftsmanship and fabrics always last longer.

Don't Shop for the Beautiful But Impractical

Buying something beautiful that you'll never wear is what Glassman call "trophy shopping." A beautiful pair of shoes calls your name, but you never end up wearing them. He says to take stock before you shop, just like you would look in your pantry before grocery shopping. Shop for practical items, and if you haven't worn something for a few years, give it away.

Glassman says everyone has something he calls "closet jewelry." Instead of shopping for pretty things, hang a few gorgeous items on your closet door.

Do Keep It Classy

When assessing your closet, Glassman says the first things you should pull are those trendy items from a few seasons ago. Always spend your money on classic items and purchase lower end trendy pieces because they don't last as long.

Glassman also says you shouldn't feel guilty about getting rid of a gift you didn't love, or something that needs repair that you know you won't fix.

Shop for Your Shape

Ask yourself what looks good on you (not your sister or your mother) and shop for your frame. Shed those items that are unflattering. For Winfrey, that meant ditching high turtlenecks and crewnecks that boxed her in. A scoop neck and a v-neck are more flattering for her.

Get a sneak peek at more of the Great Closet Cleanout items being auctioned in the March issue of O magazine. CLICK HERE to learn more about the auction, which begins on March 1 and will continue until March 11.