'GMA' Gives Three Dads Father's Day Makeovers

Families all over the country have developed their own Father's Day traditions. Well, "Good Morning America Weekend Edition" has its own, too.

For the second year in a row, we let three deserving dads become divas for the day as they get primped and pampered. This year, we found three great guys who were in need of a grooming and fashion makeover.

Under the guidance of Men's Health magazine, the dads cleaned up very nicely:

All of the men went for teeth whitening -- going down eight shades -- provided by Dr. Jonathan Levine and Go Smile in New York City.

Then they were given botox injections and microderm abrasion by Dr. Andrew Elkwood and Dr. Michael Rose of The Plastic Surgery Center, in Shrewsbury, N.J.

Lastly, they visited a men-only salon -- John Allan's in New York City -- for manicures, pedicures, shaves and haircuts.

But grooming was only part of the challenge in making over these men. They needed fashion help, too. So, we took them shopping at Lenscrafters, Brooks Brothers and Saks Fifth Avenue.

By the end of the makeover, there were three dapper daddies whose families were overjoyed by the transformation. See more on these men below.

Matthew Bates

About Matthew: He is a 33-year-old art director for a magazine. He and his wife, Melanie Bates, have a 15-month-old son, Noah, and live in Allentown, Pa.

What his wife says: "It would be great to see him in a shirt and tie, or even just a button-down shirt. That, in and of itself, would make a difference. It'd be an improvement."

Our goal for Matthew: We wanted to give Matthew a more mature look so he finally looks his age. Due to his height (5'2'') and style, people think he is much younger.

Fashion: We took him to Brooks Brothers to get him some more sophisticated clothing -- including a dashing suit -- that would also elongate him. We also brought him to Lenscrafters to get a pair of glasses to match his new look and replace his Harry Potter-esque frames.

Ravi Janardhanan

About Ravi: He is a 53-year-old doctor in Pittsburgh, where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

What his wife says: "When we were married, he didn't have it [goatee] and then he kinda grew it because I thought he had a weak chin."

Our goal for Ravi: He always chooses comfort above style, so we wanted to show him how he can achieve both. Plus, we wanted to give his daughters the opportunity to see their father without his goatee.

Fashion: We took Ravi to Saks Fifth Avenue, where he had a private consultation with Saks' fashion guru, Michael Macko. The important issue with Ravi was getting him into the correct size. He was wearing clothes that were much too big and didn't fit his body. When they finally put him in the proper clothes, he went down three sizes.

John Thompson

About John: This retired marine lives in Utah. He is a father of three and a grandfather of two.

What his wife says: "The beard is uneven. And I'm a hairdresser, I've wanted to cut it and trim it."

Our goal for John: His family thinks he looks more mountain man than ex-marine, and we agree. He needs a cleaner, more refined look, and his beard needs to go. He hasn't shaved since his son's wedding, which was almost two-and-a-half years ago.

Fashion: Once he got rid of all that hair, he needed some clothes to match his new look. So we brought him to Brooks Brothers. He looked very stylish outfitted in a classic navy blazer and khakis.

ABC News' Courtney Chapman contributed to this report.