Women Who Lost More Than 100 Lbs. Ready for Swimsuit Season

Weight loss is always a daunting challenge, and with summer right around the corner, it may seem even more urgent.

But in next week's issue of People magazine, five formerly overweight real-life women proudly model swimsuits and show off their newly-slim beach bods.

Next to each of the smiling women is a photo of how she used to look -- more than 100 pounds heavier. The photographs are a part of People's 100 pounds special, showcasing women who have lost dramatic amounts of weight, just in time for summer.

Two of those women -- Kim Scheffler and Nichole Jones -- appeared on "Good Morning America," along with People magazine editor Galina Espinoza.

Scheffler, a former model and married mother of three, got a wake-up call in August 2006, when she tipped the scales at 237 pounds.

She told People she "felt like I had fallen off a cliff."

Scheffler, 47, dropped 103 pounds by learning to cook at home and making healthier food choices, like unwinding with wine instead of beer and trading ice cream concoctions for sugar-free Jell-O.

Jones, 34, was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with her third child.

Jones dropped from 240 pounds to 135 pounds after she began taking boot-camp classes three times a week and working with a personal trainer once a week.

Jones' fitness hobby took hold in bodybuilding. She entered her first competition in April.

"I didn't place," she told People. "But the high from it was incredible. After I did it, I was like, 'Fat Nicole is gone! New Nicole is here!'"

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