Flip-Flop Fashions for the Summer

If you want to put your best foot forward this summer, you need a pair of flip-flops. Genevieve Yraola, a senior editor at Shop Etc., was on "Good Morning America" to preview the hottest trends this year.

From Reef -- Palm Beach style, $16

This rubber flip-flop has been adorned with seaside shells and embellishment. A perfect summer accent for a trip to the beach.

On the Web: www.reef.com

Bonjour Fleurette, $42

A major trend for this season is the wedge. This flip-flop adds the height that some people often miss when wearing your basic flat summer thong. The flip-flop also comes with a matching mini-bottle of nail polish.

On the Web: www.flowerslippers.com

From Beverly Feldman -- Rockaway Beach style, $100

Jelly flip-flop with rhinestones is essential for an evening casual look. Everything is hand-detailed.

On the Web: www.beverlyfeldmanstore.com

From J. Crew -- Antibes sandal, $68

Silk scarf accent offers an alternative to the classic rubber thong. Wood soles. This flip-flop is comfortable, yet chic. www.jcrew.com

From Steven (by Steve Madden) -- Faboe style, $79

Inspired by Michael Kors and Giuseppe Zanotti, this Steven addition will allow you to have a runway-ready look for a much more affordable price. Great for evening parties.

On the Web: www.stevemadden.com

Jack Rodgers, $79

The iconic classic flip-flop inspired by Jackie O is the perfect silhouette for a work ensemble on casual Fridays. On the Web: www.jildorshoes.com

From Yellow Box -- Hip Hop style, $39

The simple shape and clean edges of this basic flip-flop make it essential for the day-to-night outfit transition. The metallic coloring has just enough subtle shimmer to work with your evening looks. Gold is the hot metallic color this year.


From So Nectar -- So Blissful style, $79

Offers a platform height and delicate beading with ivory embroidered lining. The go-to flip-flop for a beachside destination wedding to be worn by the bride or a guest. Also would be a great gift for wedding party.

On the Web: www.village-shoes.com/store.php?brand_id=126