How Women Can Avoid the 'Gray Ceiling' at Work

ByABC News via logo
May 23, 2005, 12:20 PM

May 24, 2005 — -- Feeling victimized by ageism at work, or the so-called "gray ceiling?"

Tory Johnson, chief executive officer of and author of "Women For Hire's Get-Ahead Guide to Career Success," joined "Good Morning America" with advice on how to beat the perception that youth rules in the workplace and how to get the most of your career as you get older.

Johnson says Americans over 40 in search of jobs are encountering something they weren't looking for: a "gray ceiling." It's the career advancement barrier that many older workers face in a workplace seemingly dominated by young people.

Despite laws prohibiting it, polls show that more than 70 percent of executives believe age discrimination in the workplace has increased during the past five years.

Below are Johnson's tips on how to make age an asset, not an obstacle, in the workplace.