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January 24, 2011, 2:37 AM

— -- This morning on "Good Morning America" you saw a story about's Top Dirtiest Hotels in America.

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Below is a statement from the Jack London Inn:

Addressing the "ranking" by (and in Dirtiest Hotel story on the Jack London Inn in Oakland included in that list) on TripAdvisor's list as one of 10 of "the dirtiest hotels in America", the hotel's General Manager issued the following factual statement on the hotel.

1 – Any earlier maintenance issues for the hotel have been addressed.

2 – As well, a detailed renovation of the hotel has begun and will continue through 2011.

3 – Describing the hotel as "the dirtiest hotel in America" is highly subjective and a gross exaggeration created from the reviews from some, anonymous disgruntled guests.

What the description fails to include are the following objective realities:

A – While some guests staying at the hotel have complained online at, other guests posted positive reviews. Seizing on the disgruntled few -- none of whom are identified by their real names -- the conditions at the hotel exaggerate the overall impression of the hotel by guests.

B – Thousands of guests have stayed at the hotel over the past year; very few have posted negative comments.

C – How the description: "the dirtiest hotels in America" came about is at best a sensationalist headline simply meant to grab attention.

Did the reporter visit every hotel in every U.S. city? Or was this simply a compilation of utterly subjective, anonymous reviews that served as a "source of information" for the and GMA story?

D – The inaccurate description of the hotel fails to mention the time period gathered the information from anonymous sources. Was this "information" from this month -- or years ago prior to the new management?

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