'Bachelor' star Jade Roper slams comments about her daughter

PHOTO: Jade Roper shared this photo on her Instagram profile.PlayJade Roper/Instagram
WATCH 'Bachelor in Paradise' stars Jade and Tanner open up about heartbreaking miscarriage

"Bachelor" alum Jade Roper would love it if commenters on social media would keep their opinions about her daughter Emerson to themselves.

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The married mother, with another on the way, took to Instagram Thursday to share a comment she had seen and offer a scathing response.

After someone messaged her, "She's kind of showing signs of autism. Just thinking," Roper said that she supported any child who is living with autism, but slammed the idea that someone would weigh in about something they know nothing about.

"There are NOT okay messages to send to people," she wrote. "If you all mean well, it's still not ok to say she has autism or needs speech therapy or to comment any sort of thing like that to anyone about their child."

Roper added that it threw her "for a loop" to get a private message like that after posted about her child playing and having fun.

Roper added in another Instagram story that people would never approach a mother in public and say this.

"There needs to be some sort of internet etiquette, you don't get to go rogue because you're behind a keyboard," she added.

Roper added a screenshot of what the person wrote back, adding, "if you post things it IS OKAY to comment."

"I share parts of my life to bring joy ... but she is not a monkey to dance for you (or in this case show you how many words she knows/ doesn't know)," she closed.

While those comments were on her stories, she did post a few happy pics on her wall.

From the looks of the pics, her daughter is excited for the arrival of her baby brother.

Earlier this year, Roper and her husband Tanner Tolbert, spoke about how they met on "Bachelor in Paradise" and then had to deal with the heartbreak of losing their unborn child a few months later.

"I had a miscarriage. These words have burned inside me for over three years," Roper wrote. "I was honestly so scared to share our story, because I have always had this inner voice that’s said I don’t matter as much, especially when it comes to my struggles or my pain."

But the reality star decided to share the story to help others who may be dealing with the same grief of losing their baby.

"I’ve also been afraid to tell people Tanner and I got pregnant on 'Bachelor in Paradise' while filming," she admits in the post. "I’ve been keeping this weight for a long time, but being pregnant with our second child, all these emotions have been on the surface for me. I just felt it was time to get it out of me and share our story and honor our baby. Thank you for all the kind words, they’ve made me feel very loved and have made me feel less alone."

They are expecting their second child, a boy, this summer.