'Black Panther' stars tout its diversity and example at film's premiere

Everyone who showed up, the film's unique take and more!

— -- Marvel's latest offering, "Black Panther," had its Los Angeles premiere Monday night, and the cast and crew were on hand to sound off about the highly-anticipated film that takes superhero fans to a place like no other -- the African nation of Wakanda.

"Women are just front and center in 'Black Panther,'" she says. "It's 'Black Panther,' but you know..."

Actress Sope Aluko, who plays Shaman in the film, was born in Nigeria, and she, for one, is particularly proud of "Black Panther's" depiction of Africa.

"For so long we've seen Hollywood's version of Africa, and it's so nice to finally to see the real version because we Africans, we're like, 'Wow, they finally get us!'" she told ABC News.

South African director and playwright John Kani who plays Boseman's father in the movie says it's important to have a superhero of this class, caliber and dignity.

"It was important to give the next of young people in Africa an African hero and not only think about us as dictators," he said. “At the moment they will see this movie and they will say, 'I want to be like that king; I want to be like those heroes; I now am proud to be an African.'"

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