How 'Captain Marvel' pays tribute to the late, great Stan Lee

PHOTO: Stan Lee, the creator of The Amazing Spider-Man and other Marvel Comic Book Characters is pictured in his Los Angeles office, Jan. 20, 2005.PlayKim Kulish/Corbis via Getty Images
WATCH Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee's incredible legacy

There were so many empowering moments that gave moviegoers chills this weekend while seeing "Captain Marvel." But one scene in particular gave us all the feels.

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The world lost an icon last year when Stan Lee died at the age of 95, leaving behind an entire universe he created that featured so many firsts, including Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man and more.

But the man's legacy lives on as the Marvel movies based on his comic book creations are more popular than ever. For example, "Captain Marvel" earned $455 million globally at the box office this weekend.

In the 21st Marvel Cinematic Universe film, the movie opens with a special tribute. Usually you see the Marvel logo and the likes of Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and others grace the screen, paying homage to the world Marvel Studios has built.

In the "Captain Marvel" opening, you just see Stan, all his amazing cameos over the years and the montage could not be more fitting.

At the end of the opening, the line, "Thank you Stan," appears.

It's an obvious nod to the man behind all these action-packed Marvel movies you see and love today.

Later, in the middle of all the action, we get a second tribute to Lee.

As Brie Larson's Captain Marvel is fighting an enemy in the middle of a bus, she stops to look at a charming old man sitting, minding his own business, reading a newspaper. It's Lee, of course.

His cameos are usually funny and quirky, but Larson stops what she is doing, turns her head and smiles at Lee in the sweetest way possible.

It's a quick stop of the action, but if this is his last cameo, it's a really nice way to go out. Getting a smile and sign of respect from one of his most empowering, ground-breaking characters.

Way to go "Captain Marvel," the cast and crew, and to Stan, as always: Excelsior!