Marvel Studios announces phase 4, including 'Black Widow,' next 'Thor,' 'Loki,' new 'Doctor Strange' and much more

Natalie Portman will get to wield the hammer - Yas!

Well that escalated quickly!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has come in waves called phases. Phase 1 was origin stories, then we had “The Avengers” and phase 3 ended with the last “Spider-Man.”

Fans at San Diego Comic-Con got the goods on phase 4 on Saturday, including confirmation of a "Black Widow" movie, along with news of the next "Thor," a "Loki" series and so much more.

And did we mention Natalie Portman earned her hammer and will be the first female Thor?

Natalie is worthy!

Yeah, we said it was a lot. Here is what was just released:

A new "Blade" with Mahershala Ali? Yes please!

A new "Doctor Strange."

As promised earlier in the year, "Shang-Chi"!

Disney+, the company's new streaming service set to launch in November, has a stellar lineup as well.

And finally, "The Eternals," starring Angelina friggin' Jolie!

OK, we need to sit down.

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