MTV star Steve-O is 'so grateful' to mark 13 years of sobriety

He shared a side-by-side photo showing just how far he has come.

MTV star Steve-O celebrated a major milestone in his sobriety journey on Thursday: He is officially 13 years sober.

The reality TV personality shared a side-by-side look at what his life was like before he got clean by recreating a photo he took 15 years ago, showing just how far he has come.

"So grateful to be celebrating 13 years of sobriety today," said Steve-O, whose real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover. "Thanks to everyone who helped me get here!"

Steve-O also credited longtime friend Johnny Knoxville "for giving me the loving nudge that started my journey."

In the 2006 photo, a red-eyed Steve-O is hunched over a pile of blue canisters and empty boxes while holding a cigarette. Glass bottles are lined up in the background.

In comparison, the 2021 photo shows Steve-O flashing a wide smile as he stares straight into the camera. Instead of the white canister, he is holding onto a bottle of green juice. He replaced the blue canisters and empty boxes with broccoli and a carton of carrots. He also switched out the cigarette for a baby carrot.

Steve-O previously came clean about his prior drug use in the 2009 documentary "Steve-O: Demise and Rise," in which he says his dependence on drugs fueled a "descent into madness."

Since coming clean, he is living his best life. He proposed to girlfriend Lux Wright -- who took the new photo in the side-by-side snaps -- and rescued a German Shepard mix during a 2018 trip to Peru, which he adopted and named Wendy.