'Real Housewives' star Braunwyn Windham-Burke comes out as 1st openly gay housewife

"To be able to be comfortable in my own skin after so long is just so nice."

Braunwyn Windham-Burke is ready to live her truth -- as a lesbian.

In an interview with GLAAD on Wednesday, the "Real Housewives of Orange County" star opened up about her sexuality and her decision to publicly announce her sexual orientation.

"It's been something that I think everyone's kind of known has been coming, but I'm finally comfortable to be able to say: I like women. I'm gay. I'm a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. I'm a lesbian," she shared.

"I'm so happy where I am and to be able to be comfortable in my own skin after so long is just so nice," Windham-Burke, 43, continued. She later added, "I'm just now starting to feel like I'm becoming the woman I'm supposed to be. I've always known it, but it took me, personally, 42 years to be comfortable in my own skin to say that."

Windham-Burke also revealed that she first decided to embrace her sexuality after she shared an on-screen kiss with former co-star Tamra Judge last season. That, along with her decision to become sober and the fact that she met a woman she wanted to pursue a relationship with, aided in her choice to live life as her authentic self.

"I met someone that I was interested in pursuing a relationship with," she explained, later posting a photo with her girlfriend to her Instagram Stories. "It became something that I didn't want to hide anymore and I didn't want to keep secret anymore."

She also said that the news was "well-received" among those closest to her, including her husband of 20 years, Sean Burke, and their children, who "weren't shocked at all" when she came out to them. The couple have a total of seven children together -- Hazel, 2; Koa, 4; twins Caden and Curran, 7; Jacob, 15; Rowan, 18; and Bella, 20.

"I love Sean. I love him dearly, he is my person, he is my family but I'm not attracted to men and I never have been," she said. "Sean and I are still married. I plan on staying married."

After Windham-Burke's announcement, her husband took to Instagram Stories to applaud her, writing: "I love you. I'm proud of you. And I support you. Always."

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