'Saved by the Bell' turns 30: Top 5 most memorable episodes

And yes, of course, "Jessie's Song" is in it.

Wanna hear something crazy? "Saved by the Bell" came out officially 30 years ago Tuesday.

The little show that was canceled twice before hitting it big went on to be a Saturday morning sensation that influenced an entire generation.

There are so many good episodes to cover, but we thought we'd narrow things down to the top five.

Obviously, everyone has their favorites, so don't feel bad if yours aren't on the list below. They are all special in their own right.

Here you go:

1. 'Jessie's Song'

After feeling the pressure of her singing group and school tests, Jessie turns to caffeine pills. Producer Peter Engel has said it was speed he initially had her take in the scripts but claimed the network didn't want something so hard.

In a now-iconic scene, Jessie breaks down in front of her best friend, Zack, and says, "I'm so excited, I'm so excited ... I'm so scared!"

It's one of the most-talked-about episodes ever.

2. 'The Attic'

Zack, Slater and Screech all make fake IDs to go to this hot new over-18 club, The Attic.

But Zack sees his arch-enemy, Jeff, the man Kelly left him for, cheating on her. He's forced to make a very tough choice, to either leave it alone or tell Kelly about the man she dumped him for. Wow.

Kelly doesn't believe Zack at first, thinking he's just jealous, but decides to see things for herself and catches Jeff in the act.

But Zack's mom also catches the boys, and we smell a grounding in their future.

3. Who can forget Johnny Dakota?

When a star comes to Bayside to film an anti-drug PSA, everyone is swooning, from the girls to Zack and the boys.

But Dakota tries to get the gang to smoke a little dope. They turn him down, and he ends up getting in trouble.

Next, the head of the network praises the gang and they shoot a "no hope with dope" commercial instead.


4. The Sprain!

There was a dance-off happening at the Max, hosted by the iconic Casey Kasem. Slater won his chance to dance with Kelly to "preppy's" chagrin, and Zack is forced to dance with Jessie.

But it's Lisa and Screech who steal the show after she sprains her ankle and creates a whole new move called "the sprain."

5. Zack Attack

It was either this episode or the one where they remade the school song, both solid choices. But in this trippy dream episode, Zack imagines he and the gang are in a band.

The band rockets to fame, but egos get out of hand, especially for Zack, the band's namesake.

Eventually they fix everything, because it's "Saved by the Bell" ... duh!