4 things to watch for on the 'Dancing with the Stars' premiere

Put on your dancing shoes, because tonight is the new season of "DWTS"!

Put on your dancing shoes, because the new season of “Dancing with the Stars” kicks off tonight, and the show has revealed new surprises ahead of the season premiere!

In addition to the star-studded cast of celebs, the show has transformed with a new look and will even follow a different format for their first show than previous seasons.

Here are 4 things to watch out for in tonight’s highly-anticipated premiere:

1. New mirrorball

The "Dancing with the Stars" mirrorball has a new look! Instead of the classic disco ball hanging above the show’s iconic dance floor, it has been replaced with a more modern-looking mirrorball made of up to 72 LED tiles.

2. New paddles

In addition to the new mirrorball, the show has also given the judges' paddleboards a makeover! An abstract, fanned-out design will now be featured when judges give their scores in the competition.

3. Partners revealed at the premiere

At the "Dancing with the Stars" reveal on "GMA" in August, partners weren’t announced to each contestant. This is the first time that viewers will have to tune in to see which pro dance partner is paired with each celebrity contestant.

4. Goodbye Sky Box, hello Star Lounge!

In past seasons, contestants waited for their turn on the dance floor and watched other performers from the show’s Sky Box. This season, the show has gotten rid of the Sky Box, and contestants will now be watching from the new "Dancing with the Stars" Star Lounge!