'Twilight' fans can now sleep at Bella Swan's house

To those who loved the books and films: Airbnb has just the place for you.

If you're a starry-eyed young woman in love with a sparkly, charming vampire -- or just wish you were -- Airbnb has just the place for you.

The home rental company has just listed the Twilight Swan House: that's right, the quaint home of Charlie and Bella Swan as seen in the first "Twilight" movie can now be yours -- albeit temporarily -- for $330 per night, plus taxes and fees.

The five-bedroom 1930's-era home, located in Saint Helens, Oregon, has become a tourist attraction since the first movie in the saga starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson hit theaters.

"No matter whose team you're on, you can probably agree on one thing: a memorable stay awaits as you recreate your favorite movie moments," the listing reads.

"Dine at Charlie's actual dining table that was used in filming. Sleep in Bella's bedroom! Team Edward? -- Sleep in the 'lookout' room, overlooking the front yard, which is where Bella looks out the window to see Edward parked. Team Jacob? -- Sleep in the 'Jacob Black guest room,' located off the main entry downstairs."

The home's owners had their interior rehabbed to match what you see in the movie -- and even set up some cardboard cut-outs of the stars for your selfie-taking pleasure.