After more than 15 years, the cast of 'Friends' will reunite for an unscripted special

Janai Norman reports on the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
4:17 | 02/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for After more than 15 years, the cast of 'Friends' will reunite for an unscripted special
"Pop news." What's happening? Are you excited to see me? I've already met you and I'm excited to see you every time I see you. I said hi to Dan this morning and he said, I don't know, even that greeting sounds suspicious. All right, time for "Pop news." And we begin with the news "Friends" fans everywhere have been waiting for. After more than 15 years, the one where it's all happening is coming to a TV near you. That is right, the cast of "Friends" reuniting for an unscripted special later this year. Everyone in the cast simultaneously breaking the news on Friday posting this photo on Instagram with the caption, it's all happening. Well, everyone except for Matt leblanc, a/k/a Joey, who posted a photo of the cast of "M.A.S.H." And said, but it's still happening, so that special will bring the whole gang back to the iconic comedy's original stage for a celebration of the show. You can watch on HBO max in may and we couldn't be any more excited. We're going to call this new show "Old friends." "Old friends." "Older friends." Yeah, older, seasoned friends, something. Bffs. Bffs. Friends in depends. Oh. And Mike is in my ear, our producer. Next one. We're not talking about your weekend book club, Dan. On the rails, guys. On the rails. Okay. Eva cursed us. Next to Gwyneth paltrow spreading the joy of going makeup-free. The goop mogul hosted a very special makeup-free dinner party for her pals in Beverly hills. Just look at those fresh-faced beauties. Gwyneth with fashionista crystal lord and stylist Rachel Zoe and there's video of Rachel, Gwyneth and the incomparable demi Moore who posted beauty is more than what you see. It is what you feel. Demi's daughter Rumer Willis was also there as well as Kate Hudson. Gwyneth posting, no makeup, no filter, an amazing gathering of some of the best women on planet Earth and the evening began with drinks and a lovely meals outdoors under the twinkling stars. Afterwards artist Alexander grant who is Keanu reeves' girlfriend gave an inspirational talk on womanhood. An uplifting night highlighting outer as well as inner beauty. I love that they didn't wear makeup. If you want me to comment, no comments on that. Finally he's speechless. Go on, janai. Thank you. Now to Orlando bloom. The star thought he was paying tribute to his son by getting a tattoo of his name Flynn spelled out in Morse code, remember we told you this, but when he prouldy posted it online, a fan noticed there was one problem, it was missing a dot so it was frynn. Changed the "L" to an "R." The actor is making things right posting a video of the redo taking to Instagram to show off the fixed tattoo writing finally dot it right. Turned out bloom found the Morse code letters on a Pinterest post that unfortunately wasn't you can't trust everything you find on the internet. A good reminder there. The headline there is Orlando -- Your tattoo -- Did you really just bring that up on national television? Take off the jacket. Show us. That's hilarious. I will say this about tattoos from experience, they are permanent. Hard to fix. They don't wipe off. Got to get it right. Finally, another big on screen reunion. Two former anchormen, will Ferrell, Paul Ruud, set to team up again, this time in a dark comedy series called "The shrink next door" based on a podcast of the same name, it's actually inspired by true events and follows the relationship between psychiatrist to the stars Dr. Ike herschkopf and his patient Marty Markowitz played by Ferrell. Aprently the super charming doctor played by rudd gradually takes over Marty's life, moves in and even runs the family business. Talk about therapy, "The shrink next door" is yet to announce its production schedule. You guys, "Pop news" is just off the charts. There's a lot today, kwai. Love it. It'll getetter now because

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Janai Norman reports on the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69142146","title":"After more than 15 years, the cast of 'Friends' will reunite for an unscripted special","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/15-years-cast-friends-reunite-unscripted-special-69142146"}