Ali Wong and Randall Park on their romantic comedy 'Always Be My Maybe'

Wong and Park appear on "Popcorn with Peter Travers," and talk about how they came to work together on screen.
22:01 | 06/19/19

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Transcript for Ali Wong and Randall Park on their romantic comedy 'Always Be My Maybe'
You too worn in that. Which had toward. You know and which basically you've got heat for so many reasons. It seemed like on the surface everything is funny and it is but there's something. With a wonderfully. Revolutionary quietly going on and so I can gradually the Beaufort one million department of them hate me this theater. Or throw it it out to you announcement comes alive apparently actually tried it. Suffocate you now but we get our coded. I what Everett. So the big lie about this movie is that you two are friends from college. Right you know it's still lie that movie again really just trying to sell it. Yeah you know when did it happen to actually deed. It was 21. Where things. And when it. And at a party and unprovoked. Personal look at that and none that. I'm. He would let me. And and note that I mean to do that the recalling that you like they're I was. Profits won't mean you have thirty. Are faced with over and. And yet we manage this well we met at his party that his house his roommates were posted her front of his this was fried rice contests. Sure and and every air added our partner I submitted. Cream buried drinking every right race we did it was like. The purpose physicals meekly innovative Franklin. And the onion that's how way that's when it first song handle and and that we listen to this theater is that he co founded. You know Alan and I joined it you know mentally and old many many years later media founded. After I graduate and you're child used to sing in to do the I was the as a middle being seen in him. And then it all happened you know Randall's recollection you know I'd always heard so many great things about men. He founded that group that he so much when could all the candle. Par after all here. I think it's may still be true. I don't think thing. Yen and very quickly we just started collaborating together in the way who was the most screwed up or with the boat that the think risk you know we have this lake and you know you'll maybe it'll get sympathy but we do have this flick chemistry in this Canterbury gets a little bit. Out of control to the courts like speaking a different languages nobody else can understand. And it always been like that the announcement to be in any way. Yeah people other people would wouldn't even go 1 AM in and I both knew that it was today. Pretty much and so when you know when we did get to that the writing of this project it was pretty much the same thing to say in a room making each other laugh. One upping each other for reining it in you know putting it on the page. Where was the inspiration for that make this thing that you're doing together because you done amazing Netflix. Saying they watched and weird to see you got pregnant. It's just blatant. Two of the fifth and I'm like it doesn't change its shape of my face it hasn't but yet dead body of pregnant bodies Ryan you know on both. And to me like I was only like that for like eighteen months of my whole entire you know but to me it's an oil. Math if you watched in the west and with the people you're seeing. Really always be my pregnant lady. Yeah I. Apathy. Well enough to well I think the her specials have a lot to do it. Why this movie says it's because it. This Beatty Covert Lou and that and that there was all this press written about Alli and everything new Yorker profile written about her. And asked her about what she's doing next she kind of casually mention you know Randall and I always talked about. Doing our version of when Harry met Sally and and that section of the article got picked that I like an on line. Publication and then next thing you knew it was I demand for the script that didn't exist. Like we should get the word ethnic. And I keep saying we probably should stop telling that story here and because of not night it's like when women say let my birth was so easy action. Why I did nineteen hours didn't live there and that's what Antonio had to have a few things yeah yeah. But it didn't just happen now because the two view well the pressure up the boat then where you're the fates of of that ship you were writing it for I was reading from a season for three seasons in and that was a mean it was such. I think about the tone in such fond memories of fishing the first season. Because it was yesterday I think about the conflict that was it was the first. You know Asian American Timothy common when he years. And it was an enormous amount of pressure on the show and we were making in writing on the of this. All of a bubble before and we wouldn't airing while we were writing it was all just an air like why. And that there's nothing like that first season with me first time that nationwide I had worked not to conned before and she taught me how to break story which is. With a preview fuel. In my adult life you know so that mean exactly the breaking break. Rink can mean like you know always talk about how it's very easy to. Think of a good act one. But act three is extremely difficult to follow up for that's where everything falls apart and not to comments very good at solving pack three. He should be very good at a lot of children I don't know anyway so that was so it was and I mean yet just pointing to watch her work and hang her analysis of give us drones and Oscar is there anything that just happened on TV and the news was just delight. No food but you went through that. And then you decide to do this because she wanted what you would do together to have a kind of rom com feel. Then while we were really influenced by movies like when Harry met Sally and we we we just want it we always want to Marcus Smith's action. He adds that he. That was probably title at one point. First I. But he it's it was just an opportunity to hang. Fine and and like Alec mentioned and not the kind. Old friend of ours from from experience of fresh the she was that she speak the language is she understands you know. Because I believe and bought a third party in Italy. But Eric violent. And then we brought her in it and that it's just when it's this with a blast. Working with all friends here both. Asian American Korean background right you have Vietnamese and tries. And yet there's nothing about this movie that preaches anything at. It just it is write me if this is that something you just determined going into it. Yeah I think we were really you know we talk a lot about rain and what do you Murphy you know like we do I love them it's one of my favorite movies are alive. When Harry met Sally and ring color are kind of way back here. He had at least 800 is we're watching it on the. I was like yeah. What I would ask the accident happened there and develop. He had his driver's eyes and he added all's were complacent again it is. Colin off even playing watching boomerang Walter. That's enough to pick. In the vanity. And the. Oh yeah like all the women in that movie are so funny in them that kind of move. Movie where it is populated with all of these black people and because of that they got to be people. You know the fact that David Alan Grier in the movies such an interest in characters I felt like you've never seen before. And they don't go to great lengths to explain. Why the movies mostly. Like you've written since. Just what it is different story. Growing up you didn't see used to do. You watch and boom recklessly that it wasn't about you let you. I didn't want during that I mean it off a lot of how Negroponte DiFrancesco and in the movie. We have shots and going by the four star theater in San Francisco which is the small theater. On Clement street where they showed a lot of while car wife then a group going Asian American film festival every year and now. He then click it such an important festival. Because I and the nights on the phone from prison at every year and all of the shorts and some of them were relieved that. In some of them are really great. But I found myself on a consistent basis and with sales of excrete. And that made it and yes and watch excellent teaching and a lot of other movies. That had a beacon but it made me if I canteen retrospective it certainly made me feel confident and made me feel like Asian American people. Now after and that me. We have something to say we were capable of being pretty which great. If that happens but. A lot. In the American atheist him until he's been. And I would have gotten it in the movie with Clarissa explains it all right where she's watching. A white vainly you know doing this and this is part of for every day lives in. And I mean that was my everyday life and I've watched. You know yes opposite com's all them in any popular movie that came out and. There were hardly ever Asian Americans on the screen but it wasn't a problem for me it was like I easily put myself in the their shoes and and unite it wasn't until I came out into the real world that. I realize that oh I see myself as the lead of my own movies it. In other people down you know and that's when I was like it is a problem we should we should see more ourselves reflected on screen. We should look at a clip you can talk through it and helped him on wall. And at that I've got talent and not back to every and hybrid we let's look at this clip from always been my maybe. Does it tiring doing that work not. Your phone voice. The fiftieth and police use on the phone. Bring him to excellence is always tops Julian. Pictures of Bob. And that's very good Marcus especially considering and the customer paying you money space is funny because I know it's not you. That voice well Yemen on me for very long time. And PS have you seen yourself and those cover else. You look like a homeless astronaut. That's not that he acted good luck I think that's going to be a Halloween cost. The homeless. You know ever since this movie has. Premiered all anyone can talk about it how we handle he noticed snack is and then he's calling Randall now I. And then there's debates whether he's a snack or meal. Why aren't an Iraq where you put him. Think the whole thing at all our appetizer. And dessert every thing that ever. But like this is something that I've known for a long time Ewing mean that all these you know they can him like or like. There's there's sexy Asian men in this movie being. People you know when I and that is I guess it's from Europe and not weird but it's. Very eye opening to other people but like this is advancing this all along announced just on camera that's the big difference. You know well it is a big difference that gets editing utility vehicle are author theme that may have a different public expression of attraction towards you guys were and also there like 45 and fifty if. Light moment that isn't that. Often. It now. But it's terrific it's long overdue for a guy like him who has over like a 150 indeed he credits should've been in the lead. The lead in government to comity. Like ten years ago some Catholic you can within the fact that looking that counted and that funny and that charming and that nice to work went. And then it was like this is against this is what it you know win and here we aren't mean he's now I'll never get too. In don't know it meant he or something yeah I don't know yet Manhattan. Your memories and it is happen again if we can't really do this. But we also see a movie that filled in all of these parts the actor that plays. Your dad yeah the thing there are fluently and just in most prominent in the movie. You know if the can be great because they have to. And you know that a parent as a runner university. You know they're not really defining game they're going on with their lot as well now we see a lot of books movies and the only thing. That you are in those movies if the romantic leads are out front is that relationship is there but they have their Roma man he start eating them. You know his dad. Well you do tip. Yes the character played by key on him re I don't know how much were allowed to say. You why he's OK yeah yeah help act. But. Keon who is playing basically of version of himself. To see him basically have the ball. Can it pay himself as a tremendous. It's now what are you kind of critique he was shooting. On weight battery Y album. He came start sets a unit yet this little window and he came darts at the plane he was still stolen John victory manhood he was like. Doing all the stunts and and then just pop in for this whole areas. It's kind of self parity kind of Roland he just. Came alive I think he really wanted to do some comedy that it. And what it was sent to that Keon who is Asian American kid as well you know. And in terms of his background to do it you have that and I don't think the world even thinks of that rain down how many people like I didn't on the. You know. Yet he's ours. Technical not lightning and now talking yeah. Are sympathetic and he's like I don't need any UI. And you have very. 300. And if he's going to be and you basically. Without giving too much where do you get to punch I get on and that she sing a song about you punching him there's nothing bad. I I don't need to have a clean where that happens then what to do it and then to sing about it active active mean. At the punch can't read you've got to like commemorate that in this. So when you are each doing other things you calling each other and day. Oh. For more I think I'm really and you could lose in this case are you. I used to that. Or do you just basically say exactly what you think because friend to go back and just that college you know the movies back to him. Buying sometimes you can just say those things because you forgive. I clan you Furl. Yet he. Atlanta and long. Yes but at NC with daring now now I just use them resting it there and everything in you know. Five years later when he between doc I don't plan on her. Humane. Oh yeah. What but my eyes he didn't keep the school. You good mom did or didn't happen. He'll carry it I like and that and anything else that I heard this movie if you're in the this. I had written that when our country I cry about than a third and community. That a lot of suburbs. That's kind of did. You think. You have any. They don't. There is one they now. Mathieu should be able to do. We should all be able to do that we should yeah well. I'm sorry that ever. Make you know I learned something it was an. Your article and got to go through that I have to say I pumped an awful lot could handle and a itself sometimes like you know. He he's hasn't been admit like how you know he's he's very. Modest guy you know him like. He hated seniors and great. Let's hear from him. And then it on the and grade. Sad. Okay we're gonna see a few questions here from the outside world outside world okay. Ion Randy you were both so funny did you know right away that you would have great on screen chemistry. I didn't Alan it was a mystery to me because we've never been on camera before together since first thing shouldn't get. I'm about how terrible together when people don't. And elsewhere that people wouldn't believe us as a couple because we were such good friends you know and I didn't know which inflated through lake. Make romance chemistry you know. Noon so I didn't Henley Henley via phone. I I wasn't nervous nine felt. Very confident that we via the public OK next the. Oh my god this looks great and so does Allen called you don't go with everything I laughed and she's got it who makes them seriously tell me who make them tell you all the online competition is like Randall gets to be at snack and all and you but he cares about is my optical where. And what it would like to kiss all beef neck. Asking Mandel Heidi what it was like two kids. I'm not get to be at snack everybody had a did not argue spaghetti is because everybody. You know yeah this and a half. They I like Kim Jong. I did eight following Marian ninety's Orlando employee that's a it's fun UA cameras that he already get how often into its. So how many present classes since you know where I think or at least like five they were from gentle monsters deed. A lot of them are from heeded the AT day. We should have your own mind there should be the outline of the you wind up it would be praying I have a lot of parent led with twenty pairs of black glasses and believed elections for your face. Like Imelda Marcos black. That really. A place that time for one more is there a hull I didn't know about it how else but yeah. This is still high will. OK that you think I could comment you know I didn't wanna put me. At well at it but you know they're each I don't have I think it's gonna get worse when even a question. I'm. Some time. And we just go yeah but. Well you Q this is the first time you've been on the show and I'm the light. The back of it can't you know what I'm you do not know that we ended song always. Well to think he had ran out a now. Do I but. That DeAngelis on them and grade which is so great. You know and it's the health De'Angelo feels about if he's watched it he Angela you're out there. I'm candy and popcorn with Peter gravity it's odd that. But it's so great because we hear that music and nobody really knows what's happening. Or being said in its fifth these erotic ball feeling hang that it has a feeling. And you don't have to know the war. So why can't you to death for a few sentenced. Give us a little. Of on time ago. You can't do. You could do it and you know you can't stick. My point we don't accept it. All like great actors just go above they're sick what's that they soldier on. And as the moon. And into. Young. And yeah. And and and in. Me. Have and mean. A that would repeal a family. Hebert I. How crowded field at a. Bill in the movie you get a whole other. Directed at you people need to see that movie. Now if it's on Netflix do you have. Think you've thing. Really great thing.

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