Alyssa Milano, Debby Ryan talk 'fat-shaming,' new show

Milano and Ryan discuss the controversial reaction to the trailer for their new show, "Insatiable."
6:37 | 08/06/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alyssa Milano, Debby Ryan talk 'fat-shaming,' new show
Now to our "Gma" cover story.ew ow getting buzz and some backlash bore ae episode has even red. "Insatiable" is a dark comedy Abou a formerly overnight teenagerking Reven O the ailer, some people think it may be send thing message. We'll speak with the stars I St a mom B first here's at "Insatiae. This is like every great hig school movie ever. The newflix show eris talkingbo but viewers danding it be canceled bef itve airs Smells like Reporteheer king oueor what critics say I fat shaming. A petion to cancel it has O 200,000 supporters. But the show's star aa Milano tweeting, ion't ap for show. Celebrities like Khloe kardasan and Ryan Seacrest also sir support on Twitter. Foney STA Debby Ryan Y who Ely O is ridiculed and bullied for bei erweight. Fatty Patty isge. Repter: But as S eator explains that's just in the first epide and that there's much the show. THAs the thing tricky about the show because mosf bro comedy and also momentere you cr real human emotion. Ter: Dpite thebub outhaming she says ill dig more than skin deep. Alyssailano plays the wif beauty pageant coach who Debby Ryan's cracter underis wi If H ss something special you, then he must be right. Where is Right . Reporter: The beauty of the show IST it's aboutfinding yourself ands a little tongue in cheek. "Insatiable anying and think sgle episode it looks differentnd you'll F a difrent place. At toe alyss Milano and Debby rya W plays Patty both here. I'm going to start W some of th intense reaction to the show fore is aired. So peopleawhe trailer. There is a pet to cancel to all of that, prettysh reaction? Ye I think for me I think the mostnt thing us to do is to acknowledge it and say th the trailer actually hurt peopl and understand that. To ao look the show as a satil look a what could haou are F sham, if yobullied a I really ththat, Y know, about peand what happens within our interacons with the arances, right? Upon F gnc show is something and I thieople reacted to that. T really W you get deeper into it it's aboutng else, whh is what everyction in ourives is Debby, know P T on Instagram and said I hope Fait and wch th show beforeas judgment what can they expect S if theyo tune in and watch? Iha there is an entire spect of what lks like when people have kind of eyect with their damage and what that lks like andow that looks in different pe's lives a wheree try to find self-assce value and validation kind of that damage to navigate you into moving D areas, I in on watch the show and go on the journ with the acters I really think thergoan entire spectrum of things. I think T interest thing about entertainment, we ur own histories, our own whether Beu know, a tvhow O a piece of artr song ally the show, I think, is going T conversatn . Tdy has been. T AAS and ha even aired. To me any time the ISS we E dealing W discussed rather than swepter think it's really important because we reayant to eradicat shame. L's take at a clip fr "Insatile." I felt LE he saw me, note outsides buthe person inside of me that I didn't ev know W there. Yeah I know what you mean. Bob saw something I me. Alyssa you said it was incredibly special shog this and actuallyhat twe THA now very famous tweet T helped spark O least Conti to ignite the too movement, you puhat swe outhi you were Ng. ah,well, you kn the week that the hvey weinstei news broke we were all worki ant sadlymiserating about our stories within the dustry and how all bee affected by whether B sua harass abuse and J a feeling so, you know, empathetic for all men, I decided to tweet me too tweet and simply juso SNE a light on how prevalent Thi issue is and continues to be,y the way. Tainly not over. Have lot O work T do. Y, did you flt same sense of female eowerment on E 100%. I mean CING into show and being able toy a charaer who's loosely based andtronglyinspired B a wom who I respect a lot andave a lot of kind O generation exence, there's a lot ofen on the set and every vocation in every fend I every deptment that inspired me and end me and to knowow all these women were that wereel hg our lig rigs and roles T W Nally forwomen, this felt like a pla WHE everyone wa E kind of Ted valued and encouraged it was insping. I think a lot of that you D feel inheubject matterwhen you watched the show, the vulnerabily that we we able toct due to the that W Al felt so comfortable with ch other a it was a very special experience and think that that's why the lash hus so much I cane the emotion on your fa. Ian see It jitled me becausewas such magical rience and want that magic ttranslate to people's liros. D't bas it on the trail The trailer is1:28 and the show is 1 hours. I think T trailer speaks to where storyins and there's a lot oe get it. D rikova, Alyssa MI, thanks F being whs and "Insatiable" premieres this Friday on netf Oh,amy, tnk Yo

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{"duration":"6:37","description":"Milano and Ryan discuss the controversial reaction to the trailer for their new show, \"Insatiable.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57054290","title":"Alyssa Milano, Debby Ryan talk 'fat-shaming,' new show","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/alyssa-milano-debby-ryan-talk-fat-shaming-show-57054290"}