Ashley McBryde performs 'Hang in There Girl'

McBryde shares what inspired the song, which appears on her new album, "Never Will."
5:03 | 06/01/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ashley McBryde performs 'Hang in There Girl'
We have the reigning CMA new artist of the year joining us now actually McBride she released her sophomore album never will. Two months ago to rave reviews and she's going to perform for us in just a moment but first let's talk Ashley and I know it was about six weeks ago you performed amazing graze in the high of this pandemic. All alone off cappella on the fame that rhyming auditorium. You came emotional walk us through that moment what were you feeling well. Will reduce a former Easter and a renewed or people to be you know what are low and the friends so much to honor their only loss so far. I'm in Indiana and this is right after we lost our country music's season's real time. And I see you're almost anything normally. That's changed and certain re thinking about what I was seeing. This patent search well. Jay-Z and Rihanna and we let this. Analyses are witnessing here. You know my mom always told me never apologize for your tears because they are powerful in years certainly were in that moment now that song we're about to hear some news singing. Hang in there girl there's this story behind what inspired it tell us about it. Yes actually a true story or am I did see overall teen years all of us. When a strident remarks harm can she. Pretty frustrated in your mind and heart muscle announced corona IVRoots. You really earlier in her mind half aren't proud I was raised. There are times. When I was late teens that I was frustrated instantly get out of here and released and stop teller. Millionaire guerrilla backups on links and you'll record amount and I didn't think so this this whole movie. Out. The sweet. I'm hanging in their races and where are we tell ourselves in each other that's true those are very poignant words now. Given these times so how about we hear this song this is Ashton a bright performing hang in there girl from her new album never Weldon. They eat. Well none. Sat until. Well. Yeah long meetings. Well that's this. It. Yeah. Yeah. I think I'm. Yeah. Yeah. A. Paying. All. News. I'll see us and it means. S do called me. Yeah. This. It's phenomenal yeah. Hello yeah. He's not. You know yeah. Thumbs. Not all oklahomans. Yeah. Yeah they're. And. Yeah. You know not. Stance news. Tiger. Yeah. And there. Yeah. Yeah. Eat well yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"McBryde shares what inspired the song, which appears on her new album, \"Never Will.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70991857","title":"Ashley McBryde performs 'Hang in There Girl'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ashley-mcbryde-performs-hang-girl-70991857"}