Ayesha Curry hosts virtual play date during 'Frozen' fan fest

Ayesha Curry on why "Frozen 2" is a family favorite, the treats she plans to prepare for the virtual event, and tests out a "Frozen" quiz she created.
3:04 | 10/17/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ayesha Curry hosts virtual play date during 'Frozen' fan fest
"Frozen" fans are about to get chills because ayesha curry is hosting a virtual playdate during the "Frozen" fan fest, that's tomorrow, and she is with us live this morning to tell us all about it. Ayesha, it's great to have you. Good morning to you. Thank you, guys. Good morning. Thank you so much for having me. Yeah, of course. So "Frozen" is big in my house. I have two young daughters. I know it's big in your house as well, and your husband, NBA superstar Steph curry, apparently knows all the songs. Tell us about the fun fest coming up. True. It is true. I am so excited to be hosting the first-ever virtual fan -- "Frozen" fan fest, and I'm definitely winning some points over here in my household because "Frozen" is definitely life, and so my girls are just so excited for tomorrow. We have so many things planned. There's going to be stuff for all ages, the whole family, so it's the perfect way to, you know -- times are tough right now and so being able to have this opportunity to have a virtual playdate with your kids in a safe way and to bring the magic and excitement of "Frozen" into your home is just a no-brainer. For us, as I'm sure parents out there can relate, and we have so many exciting things planned for tomorrow. We have choreographed dance lessons. My girls are excited about it. There's an American sign language tutorial to the song, "Show yourself." Which I'm sure you're familiar with, so much more. I'm going to be cooking. It's going on be so much fun. Speaking of cooking, I hear you're making special treats. Can you give us a sneak peek? Yes, so I am making snacks for Sven. They are a healthy snack, it's a carrot cake scone. There's some healthy alternatives in there, so it is really the perfect tutorial and snack for the whole family. That's basically a vegetable. Excellent. Yeah. Well, it looks fantastic. All right. We're all standing in front of podiums, because you'll quiz us. You've got a "Frozen" quiz for us. We've got our buttons ready to go. What's the first question? Perfect. All right, so fact or fiction, you guys, the character oaken likes warm hugs? Fiction. Fiction. Olaf likes warm hugs. Who is it? Yes, yes, you got it. Perfect. Whit was very -- That's right. I'm on it. All right, question number two. Anna and Elsa own 8,000 salad plates? Fact or fiction? Fact. 89,000 salad plates Indeed. Indeed it is fact. It is fact. You are on a roll. Can we squeeze one more in? Yeah, absolutely. Let's do it. Anna and Hans, we all know them. Do they believe love is an open window? Fiction. What is it? Fiction. Fact. Fact. I'm sorry. Even I know that. Love is an open -- Door. Ayesha, thank you so much. All right, you can check out ayesha's virtual playdate on Tonight...

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"Ayesha Curry on why \"Frozen 2\" is a family favorite, the treats she plans to prepare for the virtual event, and tests out a \"Frozen\" quiz she created.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73671152","title":"Ayesha Curry hosts virtual play date during 'Frozen' fan fest","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/ayesha-curry-hosts-virtual-play-date-frozen-fan-73671152"}