'Bachelor' contestant reported missing speaks out after elimination

Bekah Martinez tells "GMA" why she was reported missing to authorities by her mom and reacts to Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s not giving her a rose.
5:17 | 02/13/18

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Transcript for 'Bachelor' contestant reported missing speaks out after elimination
That bachelor contestant believe every missing finally confirmed found competing on the show. Back a Martinez was eliminated last night and will join us live to tell us all about it in a moment first ABC's Libby Davis. Has her story from Portland to good morning to Robin when it was first reported the back GeMS mom had reported her missing many theorize that it was because Beckett and was in hiding because she was really the winner in trying to keep the secret. The last in reality the 22 year old nanny from Los Angeles. So she's still picking up the pieces. She was a fan favorite from the moment she first drove on to the bachelor and back at. Stealing arteries heart week after week. But reports that she was on the missing persons list made headlines. What are three things that make you excited to realize. In November the 22 year old's mom told police she hadn't been able to contact her daughter for a week police say they tried to reach her daughter for her but were unsuccessful. That is until a tip came in from an unlikely source a bachelor nation super fan turned super sleuths. I just couldn't go oh seconds had 60008. Teams. And I can't. Ryan and then went away to her picture and assessing name then I was under present share. Martinez reacted on social media saying mom how many times I have to tell you I don't get cell service on the bachelor. And honestly the scariest thing about this whole story is that my efforts to conceal the worst driver's license photo of all time. Have been awarded several. Of them Peyton. It seemed even the controversy couldn't stop the blossoming love between fact and Dari Scania. Williams and classrooms but now their journey has come to an end so while the bachelorette was never really missing. She will certainly be missed by the bachelor nation. Baalbek and was the punch line a lot of jokes about her missing status it was no laughing matter actually for police who were legitimately unable to make contact with her despite several attempts. Back and says of the time she had already been eliminated from the show so not a question then why the chanting iPhone where watching you that's the woodlands hard hitting question only they. You can probably get to right now could Beckel Martina haven't done in this now. From LA they've bet that they can join the first moment to get right to a lot of people think he received a bachelor when your mom file that missing persons report. Set the record straight hours. Yes of there's a lot of misunderstanding about that obvious they couldn't set the record straight at the time because it giveaway that I was in fact eliminated. But yeah IA it was about a week off shelves I needed to some times they get away and decompress and south. I went up north that's in the mountains of some friends. Plan to stay for a couple weeks. Al is there for six or seven days with no phone service which I told my mother I would have phone service. Because if Otto led. And then I just had this weird feeling that I needed to go home while the second and -- gotten my car got to self service called my parents sold on hand coming home. And that and then yeah my mom told me that she'd reported me missing only twelve hours for what without as a bit of a shocks in the. Which would seem upset at you that that she didn't know where you word and it would usually fading Yugoslavia's combat Roque. She was at first uses very. Coleman but also angry she's like oh my gosh Rebecca I was so worried. And I just you know let I I go traveling a lot with friends go camping all the time. And so I mean I thought everything would be fine but yeah I mean she had been expecting contact with me that she didn't get so. I think her imagination run a little a little wild as any good mothers wouldn't. And that the act that's I ended up from the missing persons list but what did you think when you found out you were missing person report reported missing. Well you know the funny penalizes. After she explained her side of it to me it I I I got where she was coming from but then what happened all as. That day my mom called the sheriff's department to tell them that I wasn't missed seen. However we didn't realize that you. They needed to make actual direct contact with me. That sell. Three months later. Only a couple weeks ago I got a call from the sheriff's department asking me about. There was still missing. And I think you know I in the hunt missing at all and I haven't been for a few months so it that was really shocking to me and I thought enough moment oh my gosh this is about to. Blow up in and voted did indeed with some fans they thought you were missing because you were sequestered. With Ari yes but we saw last night where you suck you didn't get the final that the rose last night. Yeah I think I was really shocking and surprising for me because. As you seen on this season our relationship was really strong and I think we really had something special and and unique that we shared and so it was really surprising for me. My back is never too late to find love if you aren't a bachelorette they'll make sure you tell your mother. Before you come to show how about that in thank you so what I'll do scared of Phil and the traffic thank you are thank you live you can see a new episode of the bachelor Monday night at 8 PM eastern. Right here on ABC's secret option we understand questions.

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{"id":53040969,"title":"'Bachelor' contestant reported missing speaks out after elimination","duration":"5:17","description":"Bekah Martinez tells \"GMA\" why she was reported missing to authorities by her mom and reacts to Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s not giving her a rose. ","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bachelor-contestant-reported-missing-speaks-elimination-53040969","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}