Bebe Rexha performs 'Baby, I'm Jealous'

The Billboard Music Award-winner performs her hit song for the "GMA" Concert Series.
3:36 | 12/04/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bebe Rexha performs 'Baby, I'm Jealous'
How with the finally do you wrecks of the diamond selling superstars latest single. I am jealous featuring does a cat. Is out right now and this morning she is giving us an exclusive sneak peek beneath stripped down version the first thing you're looked at good morning TO. The morning I know we're so excited you're with us this morning so we you couldn't hear there before we came on Michael with singing and in the commercially Marty got a thing in here that got me yeah yeah yeah it. They I. Oh yeah and I AM exactly so that's amazing all baby I'm jealous of all about embracing your insecurities what inspired needed to go they're right about. I you know we're and you like act social media is kind of a love hate relationship for me especially being a woman. And hasn't had a permit some getting Johnson's seem like he's heard states in Aden today. Italy looking their best the best picture and the best I've trying to help think just sometimes an Atlanta radio song about how. I'm. Pretty insecurity get the sustenance and I feel like we never talk about the need for tough evolved relationships through social media. Kinds of change still every reason each of the two apps and sun. It's just steal social needs are intensive relationships as well silence raise. As a woman as you said with a love hate relationship with social media I totally appreciate that message now. Here we go we are excited here ABB's thank you the stripped down version of your singles coming out soon you're getting at first listen right here with a special performance this is he wrecks and with the baby I'm jealous. And only if he is and I peak it's an eighty Twomey doom. Manuel takes is a love me on current events in name only. Fifteen. Land and turn me Kathleen. And moon landings only me and yeah. Yeah okay. Do you. Yeah. And Karen and Janine. Yeah. OK yeah I'm gas and only humane handling their flock and Karen you're only as an actor can help me if I like the lean. Pain and. See his machine. Cunanan. And turn around me and the main room. Blue man in the room. It. Easy. Longhand yeah. Need. We. CN. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Armenians. OK I. Well.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"The Billboard Music Award-winner performs her hit song for the \"GMA\" Concert Series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74535344","title":"Bebe Rexha performs 'Baby, I'm Jealous'","url":"/GMA/Culture/video/bebe-rexha-performs-baby-jealous-74535344"}